Luminus LEDs power two new home theater projectors

Jan. 10, 2009
While the PT-120 PhlatLight LED chipsets have been inserted into Chi Lin and Delta Electronics products, Luminus has launched the PT-121 line for next-generation data projectors.
In Las Vegas, NV, at the Consumer Electronics Show, Luminus Devices announced that its PhlatLight(R) LEDs will be used in three new projectors. In addition, Luminus has launched a new line of LED chipsets, the PT-121, that is better optimized for data projectors.

Luminus has been manufacturing the PhlatLight LEDs for HDTVs since 2006. The LEDs are unique in that they are larger than conventional LEDs and are designed to operate at significantly higher intensity.

Vivitek's H6080FD projectorDelta Electronics’ HD home theater projector The PhlatLight PT-120 LED chipset will be the solid state light source inside Delta Electronics’ HT-8000 full HD LED-based DLP projector for the consumer market, to be available in 1Q09.

The new projector combines Luminus’ PhlatLight LEDs, Delta’s advanced optical engine technology, and Texas Instruments’ advanced DLP capability. The improved brightness and combination of technologies in the HT-8000 provides one of Delta’s customers, Vivitek USA, with the H6080FD full HD home theater projector.

"This new brightness breakthrough allows us to create lamp-free projectors delivering dramatically improved picture quality and superior reliability," said Jeff Fu, director for projection display at Delta’s Display Solutions Business Unit.

Chi Lin’s HD home theater projector
Chi Lin Technology, a leading ODM/OEM manufacturer, is bringing a new home theater projector to market based on Luminus’s PhlatLight LED PT-120 high-performance chipset.

The projector combines PhlatLight LEDs and Texas Instruments’ digital light processing (DLP(R)) technology to offer an expanded color gamut, incredible color and brightness stability and best-in-class reliability for home theater customers.

The PhlatLight LED PT-120 chipset is designed specifically for home theater projectors and contains a red, green and blue LED and offers instant start up without the warm-up and cool-down period required by today’s conventional mercury lamp technologies. The new projector is built with an environmentally responsible design and the light source is expected to never need replacement.

Acer pocket projector
Luminus Devices has achieved brightness levels with its PhlatLight LED PT-39 chipset to power the new Acer K10, a portable lightweight pocket projector.

The PhlatLight LED PT-39 chipset is designed specifically for projection systems that use micro-displays ranging from 0.4 in. to 0.55 in. with individual red, green and blue LEDs and work in conjunction with Texas Instruments’ DLP technology. The combined technologies enable PhlatLight LEDs to work more efficiently in the Acer K10, making the projector a good mobile companion for instant projection.

PT-121 LEDsNew PT-121 chipset The PT-121 chipset is a derivative of the PT-120 and is better optimized for data projectors. It is designed specifically for next-generation, lamp-free data projectors. The PT-121 delivers high brightness levels, enhanced color and long-term performance and reliability.

Each PT-121 chipset is comprised of a red, green and blue LED, and is best-suited for data projectors using micro-displays ranging from 0.65 in. - 1 in. Like other PhlatLight LED products, the PT-121 offers instant start up with no warm up and cool down period required by today’s conventional mercury lamp technologies.

The PT-121 also includes a wide color gamut that exceeds NTSC standards and surpasses 60,000 hours of lifetime, eliminating the need to replace the projector light source.

When combined, the red, green and blue chips produce more than 2,000 white lumens at 8,000 color temperature in time sequential pulsed mode. There is also 100 percent uniform surface emission for high collection efficiency and low optical losses. In addition, the monolithic emission area per color allow for single-lens collection and simplified optics.