Advanced LEDs Ltd completes two prestigious projects in Dubai

March 9, 2009
The projects include the Dubai Mall, with more than 1,200 stores, and the 360m-high Burj Dubai Lake Tower Hotel next door.
Dubai MallThe Dubai Mall The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping centre sprawling over 12 million square feet with an internal floor area of 5.9 million square feet. Housing more than 1,200 stores and a host of world class attractions -- including an Aquarium and underwater zoo, Ice Rink, Cineplex and a spectacular water feature that runs the entire height of the Mall traversing all four levels -- the Dubai Mall is revolutionizing the modern shopping experience.

The fashion area, a dedicated haute couture precinct with 70 signature shops, has the fashion catwalk at its heart. Advanced LEDs has created a stunning focal fixture above the catwalk, by lighting the huge sails with 6.5 kW LED lighting from 76 specially-designed RGBW fittings.

Each fitting is individually controlled through wireless DMX. The sails (colored green, red or blue in the three photos) are lit with perfect uniformity as their colors change dramatically up and down through the encircling LED screen rings. The sails have also been designed for image projection.

The Weave in Dubai

The Burj Dubai Lake Tower Hotel

The Burj Dubai Lake Tower Hotel rises 306m high alongside the Dubai Mall. A combination of outstanding facilities and the superlative attention to detail help to surround guests with luxury, comfort and style.

Advanced LEDs Ltd has added LED lighting to enhance “The Weave” sculpture, comprising 5 shimmering bronze panels that create drama and elegance in the hotel foyer.

A total of 5,200 side-emitting, purpose-designed one-watt LEDs were used to enhance the rich bronze colour of the screens.