Royal Selangor stores benefit from Dialight Lumidrives LEDs

Feb. 5, 2008
Low-energy LED lighting has replaced halogen lamps in several prestigious retail stores in East Asia.
Coveled fixtures from Dialight Lumidrives have been used to provide high quality LED lighting in six prestigious retail locations across the Far East for Royal Selangor of Malaysia, the world’s largest pewter designer and manufacturer.

Coveled replaced a traditional halogen lighting system to illuminate display shelves of pewter products. The LED fixture provides low energy consumption of approximately 10W per metre and a long lamp life of around 50,000 hours rather than 20,000 hours with the previous alternative.

Significantly for retail applications, Coveled is cool to touch, avoiding potential health and safety issues if the lamp comes into contact with hands and fingers.

Lighting designers and specifiers were M-Lux of Malaysia. Coveled was supplied by Dialight Lumidrive’s Asia partner and distributor Achieva Electronics of Singapore.

The retail locations included several in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia, as well as Raffles in Singapore, and Royal Selangor in Shanghai.

Dialight Lumidrives managing director, Gordon Routledge says; “The Coveled system is ideal for use in retail locations. The traditional solution for retail display has been halogen lamps, with attendant high energy useage and short lamp life. Now, customers like Royal Selangor are recognising that the quality and performance of LED products like Coveled is an attractive proposition for display lighting in such prestigious outlets.”