WEBCAST: Market Trends and Emerging Applications in the LED Industry

June 10, 2008
This presentation will cover major trends in the HB-LED market, and review developments in the major application areas, focusing in particular on the LED lighting sector.
Title: Market Trends and Emerging Applications in the LED Industry

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Presenter: Robert Steele, Director of Optoelectronics, Strategies Unlimited

Originally Broadcast: July 30, 2008


ROHM is the world's largest component-only manufacturer of IC, discrete and module products. ROHM designs and manufactures a wide range of components in the optoelectronic sector including chip and lamp LEDs as well as dot matrix and numeric displays. ROHM’s latest PicoLED™ series chip LEDs has expanded its lineup to include PicoLED™-eco, PicoLED™-RGB and the industry’s smallest PicoLED™-mini. ROHM’s LEDs find a home in the dynamic and ever-growing wireless, computer, automotive and consumer electronics markets. For more information, please visit www.rohmsemiconductor.com.
Robert SteeleOVERVIEW:

The high-brightness LED market has been in a slow-growth phase since 2004 due to the dominant position of the mobile appliance market, which has becom saturated. However, the overall market showed an uptick in growth in 2007, as other applications, especially illumination, continued to perform well, and emerging applications began to show promise for a resumption of higher growth in the future.

This presentation will cover these and other market trends, including a review of the developments in each of the major application areas. It will also provide a market forecast through 2012.


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Robert Steele is the Director of Optoelectronics Programs at Strategies Unlimited, and is responsible for all of Strategies Unlimited’s activities in the area of optoelectronic components, for which the company has provided market research reports and consulting services for over 18 years.

Since 1994, he has supervised and co-authored eight editions of Strategies Unlimited’s periodic report on the visible LED market, as well as reports on solid-state lighting, gallium nitride technology and markets, and the supply side of the high-brightness LED industry.

Dr. Steele writes regularly for industry publications on high-brightness LED markets and applications, and gives invited presentations at major conferences around the world. As an internationally recognized expert in this subject, he has been interviewed and quoted by major publications, including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Financial Times, and The Economist, among others.