Philips unveils LED-based solutions for general lighting at Light+Building

April 8, 2008
New LED-based luminaire systems are being introduced for use in home, office, and retail applications.
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Frankfurt, Germany – Royal Philips Electronics (AEX: PHI, NYSE: PHG) unveiled an innovative range of LED- based solutions for general lighting and scene setting at the Light+Building fair in Frankfurt today. The range includes solutions for all market segments, including home, office, street, shops and hospitality, which will accelerate the market adoption of solid state luminaire systems.

Commenting on Philips presence at Light+Building 2008, Rudy Provoost, CEO of Philips Lighting said: “Over the past two years, we have invested close to €4bn to acquire leading players in solid-state lighting and we now see clearly how synergetic these companies are. Together with the rapid advances in LED technology, we can now offer a world beating range of LED-based solutions for general illumination and scene setting, which are set to radically change the way we all think about lighting.”

The rapid advances in LED technology make it possible for Philips to accelerate the introduction of exciting LED-based luminaire systems into the field of general illumination. The market for professional solid state luminaire systems is expected to grow by more than 30%, from EUR 700 million in 2007 to EUR 1.5 billion in 2010.

LEDs are small, robust and energy efficient. They are durable and provide many more creative possibilities than conventional lighting in terms of color, dynamics, control and intelligence. This means that by using LEDs people can do more than ever before to create new moods, scenes and applications to suit their needs.

Mr. Provoost adds: “As we have shown with our highly successful LivingColors luminaire, which provides an endless palette of colors, and our many city beautification projects around the world, LEDs enable us to entirely rethink the way we illuminate our homes and urban spaces. Our LED innovations deliver light in new ways to enhance people’s sense of well-being, through civic pride in illuminating public buildings, through invigorating lighting at work, by aiding relaxation in hospitals and mood enhancers at home. We are continuing to focus our efforts on bringing new and exciting LED-based solutions to transform environments and create beautiful experiences with light.”

One such example is a stunning range of LED-based home luminaires. The sleek Ledino range, which is being introduced this week at Light+Building, is the first of an extensive range of LEDinaires that will enable consumers to harness the crisp, bright white light of LEDs to create a stylish and contemporary environment in their homes. The elegant design and innovative approach of the Ledino range has been recognized by the Light+Building managing board as one of the leading design innovations at the 2008 event and one of our new desk lamps has currently been honored with the prestigious Lights of the Future award.

Alongside the Ledino range, Philips is showcasing a new LED-based office luminaire system DayWave for prestigious offices, giving architects a flexible design and users the ability to adjust the light to their personal tastes or daylight conditions.

Another large innovation for lighting up architectural structures is the ultra-high power Color Reach, which combines high power, precision optical aiming with energy efficiency and full control of color all integrated in one luminaire.

The retrofit MasterLED lamp is an ideal solution for 24/7 applications because the lamp is energy efficient and lasts more than 20 years, which makes it maintenance free.

The UrbanLine family of LED based luminaires suits the different requirements of municipalities and citizens, from bicycle paths and pedestrian areas to functional street lighting.

The Fortimo Downlight LED module and corresponding LED luminaries provides an energy efficient solution for retail applications. It is up to 50% more energy efficient than CFL down lights and has a long life span, which makes a truly sustainable solution.

In addition to the broad range of LED based innovations, Philips is further broadening its conventional range of sustainable and energy efficient lighting solution with smart controls for streets, store and office lighting, reducing energy consumption even further. Also new is the EcoClassic halogen lamp, which saves 50% over incandescent lamps, have a halogen bright light quality, instant start and is dimmable. The retrofit design enables consumers to use the light in the many light sockets installed.

For more information, please contact: Jeannet Harpe, Philips Lighting, Tel: +31 40 27 56299, Email: [email protected]

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