Martin LED fixtures shine in Kuwait cinema

Jan. 28, 2008
At Avenues Cinema, LED lighting in the lobby ensures that the moviegoers' dramatic experience begins before they even reach their seats.
A visit to the cinema provides more than a mere few hours of entertainment - the drama and emotion of the experience offer an escape from the every day.

Located in The Avenues Mall, Kuwait’s largest mall and the one of the Middle East’s premier retail and leisure destinations whose first phase opened in April of 2007, Avenues Cinema is a multi-screen movie complex with a flare for the dramatic.

Large entrance lobby columns as well as back lobby columns are strikingly decorated using color changing LED Stagebar 54™ luminaires from Martin Professional.

”Initial plans called for the columns to be covered in colored paint, but of course if they wanted a change of color the paint would need to be changed, which wasn’t very practical,” states Qader Mohiuddin of Martin Professional Middle East. “Mr. Tareq Darwesh (Deputy GM) and Mr. Ali Shiri (Architect) from the Tamdeen Shopping Center Development Company expressed to us their desire for a dynamic lighting solution instead.”

Cinema architect Valode & Pistre, and lighting designer VP Design, considered using Martin Exterior 200 or Martin Alien 02 luminaires but eventually decided on an LED solution using the Martin Stagebar 54. The Stagebar 54 is a bright LED luminaire that functions as either a pixel bar or a wash luminaire for floodlighting surfaces. With five colored diodes (Red, Green, Blue, Amber and White) instead of the usual three, the Stagebar 54 offers a broader range of colors.

A pair of Stagebar fixtures is located on each side of the front columns with one lighting fixture on each side of the back columns. The installation utilizes a total of 68 Stagebars to lure passersby and produce a stimulatingly theatrical ambiance that sets the mood for the upcoming attraction.

The Avenues Mall is being developed in four phases and upon completion in 2010 will be one of the largest malls in the world. Phase two is due for completion in early 2008.