Cree XLamp MT-G LED targets MR16 halogen retrofits

Feb. 22, 2011
Cree’s latest multi-die LED provides up to 560 lumens at 1.1A at 85 degrees C in warm white.
Cree MT-G Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) has introduced a new lighting-class LED designed for high-output, small form-factor directional lighting applications. The XLamp MT-G LEDs are optimized for retrofits for 35-50-watt halogen MR16 lamps and other accent, track, display and down lighting used in retail stores, residential settings, museums, art galleries, hospitality and landscapes.

Cree says that the MT-G LEDs are “the first commercial LEDs to deliver sufficient light output for these applications.” With a 9 x 9-mm footprint, the MT-G LED delivers up to 560 lumens at 1.1A at 85°C or up to 1525 lumens at 4A at 85°C in warm white (3000K).

The company also says that the MT-G is the first in the industry binned and tested at 85 deg.C. This can simplify luminaire design calculations and reduce the time to market.

MR16 lamp with MT-G Paul Thieken, Cree, director of marketing, LED components, said: “Until now, LED-based MR16 lamps have been a tremendous challenge in terms of both light output and color consistency, due to their small size and limited capacity for thermal management. Cree developed this LED from the ground-up with applications like these in mind.”

The multi-die XLamp MT-G LED uses Cree EasyWhite technology to deliver consistent color in a small package.

Cree has worked with driver, thermal and optic providers to create an MR16 lamp reference design to further enable its LED customers to quickly address this market.

Samples are available immediately and production volumes are available with standard lead times.