Cooper SSL helps City Furniture achieve LEED Silver in superstore

Dec. 14, 2011
Cooper Lighting has supplied indoor and outdoor LED lighting for City Furniture's new 94,000-square-foot superstore delivering an energy reduction of 60% and LEED Silver compliance.

Retailer City Furniture has opened a new 94,000-ft2 superstore in Boca Raton, Florida and 98% of the lighting in the building is LED based. Cooper Lighting supplies indoor track, and outdoor wall-pack and parking-lot solid-state-lighting (SSL) fixtures that have helped enable the store to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver requirements.

Cooper fixtures used by City Furniture

The new store has realized a 60% reduction in energy for lighting relative to similar stores lit with legacy sources. "Over the past year, I spent countless hours searching for the most cost-effective ways to save energy without sacrificing the quality of our lighting," said Mike Jaroszyk, director of facilities and new construction for City Furniture. "City Furniture was able to realize such savings at this facility because of a driving factor of specifying 98% of the lighting with LED technology."

The new store includes 3,500 of Cooper's Halo Stasis LED track fixtures to illuminate merchandise. "The Halo Stasis LED fixture has a very high center beam candlepower that lends itself very well to highlighting retail spaces," said lighting consultant Dominick Falso of DMD Lighting and Energy Control Systems. "Plus, it consumes less than half the energy of the typical 39W ceramic metal-halide fixture used in many current retail applications."

Outside, Cooper supplied 18 McGraw-Edison Ventus LED parking-lot luminaires, and 10 Lumark LED Wal-Pak fixtures for exterior-security lighting. The 40W wall-packs were used instead of 175W metal-halide (MH) sources typically used in such applications.

The indoor and outdoor lighting is controlled by an energy-management system that maximizes the energy savings. The system can dim or extinguish some of the indoor lights during the day when the system detects high levels of natural light. The system can dim the outdoor lighting late at night when no customers are present.

The new store is the first City Furniture to meet LEED Silver requirements. LEED is a green building certification system program developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED was designed to guide building owners in achieving resource efficiency, including energy and other things such as water, in terms of design, construction, operations and maintenance. In the point-based LEED system, the Silver level is above baseline LEED certification but below the Gold and Platinum levels.