TV maker Vizio unveils LED lamp line-up

June 28, 2011
Building on its success in LED-backlight TVs, Vizio will enter the LED lighting market in Q4 2011.
Vizio, a leading supplier of LED-backlit LCD HDTVs, announced it will enter the LED lighting market with a series of replacement lamps using LEDs supplied by Epistar and Seoul Semiconductor.

Vizio’s LED lamps are recyclable, and feature a glass-free design to prohibit shattering. The LED lamps are designed to give off a warm hue of light, reminiscent of a natural source. The LEDs product line (see table) will feature triple the lifespan of compact fluorescent bulbs, with up to 25,000 hours of usage. Vizio plans to enter the market in late Q4 of this year.

Model Type Replacement Wattage (W) Power Consumption (W) Light Output (Lm) Lumen per Watt (Lm/w) Color Accuracy (CRI) Light Color (K) Rated Life (Hr) Dimmable
LRB40A19 A19408.54505390300050,000Yes
LRB60A19 A196012.58006490270025,000Yes
LRF90PAR38 PAR38 Flood90189805490270025,000Yes
LRF75PAR30 PAR30 Flood75158505790270025,000Yes
LRS50PAR20 PAR20 Spot5083204090270025,000Yes
LRS35MR16 MR16 Spot35104204290270025,000Yes
Vizio high-efficiency LED lighting product collection

Vizio's partners in the LED lighting space include Epistar and Seoul Semiconductor, two of the world's top-ten suppliers of LED lighting. "This is a natural progression for Vizio beyond consumer electronics. We look forward to Vizio applying its innovation, marketing and distribution channels to save American consumers even more with its new line of LED lighting," said Donald Leo, Vice President of Seoul Semiconductor.

"Vizio's expansion into the LED lighting market stands to challenge the convention in the same way that it has had in the flat-panel television market," said B.J. Lee, Chairman of Epistar.

As North America's largest shipper of LED-backlit HDTVs, Vizio realized a 2000% growth in total shipments year over year, with over 2 million units shipped in 2010. From 2009 - 2010, the company's contribution to energy savings (based on power consumption of 2009 vs. 2010 Vizio HDTV models at an estimated savings of 280,000 MWh/yr) could be viewed as equivalent to the energy needed to power the city of Las Vegas for more than a year.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, the residential sector general service light (A19 type) bulb purchase rate of LEDs will increase approximately 300% between 2010 and 2015 to 100 million units.