GNC stores upgraded with Lighting Science Group’s LED lamps

Aug. 9, 2011
The largest retailer of health and wellness products in North America, GNC, has installed LED lamps from Lighting Science Group in stores throughout the US and Canada.
General Nutrition Centers (GNC, NYSE:GNC), a Pittsburgh, PA-based retailer of health and wellness products, recently updated its corporate stores by installing high-performance LED lamps from Lighting Science Group (OTCBB:LSCG), a manufacturer of LED lamps and luminaires based in Satellite Beach, FL.

The Energy Star-qualified LED lamps now lighting GNC retail display shelves are approximately 80 percent more efficient than the halogen bulbs they replace, are fully dimmable and have up to 50 percent greater light output than competing products. GNC has an estimated 2600 company-owned stores in the US and Canada.

Inside GNC store. "Consistent with GNC's values, LED lighting isn't only easier on the wallet and better for the planet; it's also beneficial to your well-being,” said Tom Dowd, GNC's executive vice president and general manager. “When considering lighting features that may affect general health, such as flicker, hum, burnout, heat and toxic materials, LEDs come out ahead of the incandescent, halogen and fluorescent fixtures, every time," he added.

Based on a 50,000 hour lamp life, reduced maintenance cost and lower cooling costs relative to the halogen bulbs, GNC estimates that the lighting upgrade will pay for itself in one to two years.

"Lighting is the low-hanging fruit in reducing energy consumption: it accounts for 22 percent of the United States' energy use and up to 60 percent of the power used in commercial buildings," said Jim Haworth, chairman and CEO of Lighting Science Group. "Our Energy Star-approved LED bulbs offer a rapid and practical path for businesses to significantly reduce their lighting maintenance, replacement and energy costs."

GNC has participated in other green initiatives over the last year including LED installation at its Pittsburgh headquarters, building-wide lights-out programs during non-business hours, using paper and plastics with recycled content, and better printer-document management techniques.