LEDs Magazine July/August 2013 issue

July 9, 2013
The July/August 2013 issue of LEDs Magazine is now available.
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GE Lighting's Albeo business unit supplied the high-bay lighting installed in the Dee Events Center that's expected to save Utah's Weber State University about $40,000 in energy costs annually, and reduce maintenance costs for the difficult-to-reach fixtures (see page 7).

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THE LED SHOW PREVIEWConference will include LED technology and standards updates Maury Wright previews conference sessions and projects that a lively debate will take place on LED component trends, and that standards and regulatory discussions will prove very informative to SSL industry players.

Matching SSL and control technology remains a challenge
Ethan Biery explores the state of the industry for LED dimming and control and recommends the paths for success to lighting specifiers.

Standards emerge specifically for SSL test methods
European standards, driven primarily by the IEC, increasingly address safety and performance issues that are specific to LED-based lighting, explains Pasi Orrevetelainen.

ASSEMBLYCOB LEDs simplify SSL manufacturing, drive broader deployment Dense LED arrays can reduce the design complexity and manufacturing cost of solid-state lighting products and ultimately help solve the global energy crisis, writes Ron Weber.
AUTOMOTIVELEDs light the road ahead in automotive applications Morand Fachot explains that international standards and evolving LED technology are set to play a key role in the widespread transition to solid-state lighting in automotive applications.
MANUFACTURINGImprove LED manufacturing via in-line monitoring and SPC In-line monitoring of defects on LED wafers allows manufacturers to understand which defects impact yield and to apply that information in a constant effort to improve yield, explains Steven Chen.

Dimming multiple LED strings enables color-tunable luminaires
David Zhang explains that you can use analog dimming, PWM dimming, or a mix of the two to achieve color-mixing SSL products with the application dictating the best choice.

LAST WORDMyth busting as it relates to LED tubes Charlie Szoradi, CEO of Independence LED, states that it's only a question of when the time is right to install LED tubes in place of fluorescents and not if it's the right retrofit path.

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Less may become more in SSL product lifetime


  • GE supplies Albeo high-bay LEDs for Weber State Dee Events Center
  • MaineDOT installs high-mast LEDs
  • Panasonic expands LED business in Asia
  • RPI integrates LED emitters with on-chip electronics
  • Luminus Devices announces merger with Sanan subsidiary Lightera
  • Seattle startup looks to replace rare earths with silicon nanoparticles
  • Fresh Market installs SSL chain-wide
  • Osram Sylvania and Comcast partner on adaptive home lighting
  • TSMC announces new packaged LEDs and COBs, and China market plans
  • Zhaga expands certification program, adds GLA liaison
  • USDA and SETi document UV LED benefits for fresh produce
  • DOE awards $10.1 million in new research awards
  • MSSLC will host annual meeting in September
  • EPA and Soraa spar on lamp efficacy