Seoul unveils world’s highest brightness warm white LED

Oct. 26, 2005
Seoul Semiconductor's warm white LED provides 35 lm at 350mA.
SSC’s Z-Power P3 series are specifically designed with 130 viewing angle degree (white: 120) of Lambertian emission LEDs.

The P3 Z-Power LED is SMT (reflow) solderable, and has an excellent color uniformity and thermal resistance.

The P3 Z-Power series of high-power LED packages, which includes a package containing eight high-power red, green, blue, white, warm white, amber, cyan, and royal blue chips.

The noteworthy feature of P3 Warm White emits extraordinarily the world best brightness of 35 lm.

Download a PDF file showing technical data

The White P3 Z-Power LED has a luminous flux of 52 lm at 350 mA, while the luminous efficacy is 40 lm/W. It shows outstanding performance according to customer’s needs in case of applying collimator.

The correlated color temperature (CCT) for white is given as 2,650-10,000 K, while the reliability (time to the reach 50% degradation of lumen output) is stated as 50,000 hours (Tj = 70°C) at 350mA.