Business news: Everlight, TIR Systems, CML, Arrow

Oct. 27, 2005
LED maker Everlight is planning a large expansion, TIR has licensed LEXEL to Lighting Services Inc, and CML has signed Arrow as its distributor in Asia.
Everlight plans expansion

Everlight Electronics, a Taiwan-based LED manufacturer, plans to invest NT$500 million ($14.9 million) in capacity expansion in 2006, according to the DigiTimes website.

Company chairman Robert Yeh told DigiTimes that Everlight's total monthly LED capacity will increase from 372 million units at present to 650 million units by the end of 2006.

The vast majority of Everlight's output is used in handset applications, while future growth will be driven by the automotive market and by the adoption of white LEDs as backlights for small LCD panels.

Everlight's total revenue is expected to reach about NT$6.75 billion ($200 million) in 2005.

Arrow signs agreement with CML

Arrow Asia Pac Ltd. has signed a franchise distribution agreement with CML Innovative Technologies, which designs and manufactures LED and other light sources, optical light pipes and surface-mounted lighting solution products. CML was formerly Chicago Miniature Lamp and SLI Miniature Lighting.

CML's full range of products will be distributed through Arrow's 41 sales offices in 11 countries and territories, across the Asia Pacific region.

"We are pleased to be partnering with CML," said Richard Huxley, Vice President of Marketing, Arrow Asia Pac. "As a leader in design and manufacturing of LED and other light sources, optical light pipe and surface mounted lighting solution products, CML will perfectly complement our extensive product lines. This partnership will enable us to provide leading edge lighting solutions to our customers in the automotive, consumer electronics, gaming and telecommunications industries."

TIR licenses LEXEL to Lighting Services Inc

TIR Systems has licensed its LEXEL solid-state lighting technology to Lighting Services Inc (LSI), a leading independent manufacturer of track, accent, display and fiber-optic lighting (SSL) systems.

With a large share of the museum, gallery and high-end retail lighting markets, LSI says the partnership will enable the two companies to develop a range of LEXEL-based fixtures that produce white light with a full range of color temperatures, from warm to cool, and which can be dimmed without the color temperature being affected.

Daniel Gelman, President of Lighting Services Inc, said: "We have entered into this agreement because we believe that the LEXEL is the first system to offer our clients a quality, usable Solid State Lighting solution. Ultimately, the output and energy savings, along with the facility for complete control over color temperature and intensity, will make LSI / LEXEL™ fixtures the light source of choice for museums, galleries and stores."

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