Light Waves Concept provides LED evacuation systems to DOD

Oct. 18, 2005
A new emergency lighting system will employ LED rope lights with different flashing patterns and colors.
LED rope light Light Waves Concept, Inc., a New York-based LED product manufacturer, is working with the US Department of Defense on an evacuation system using LED technology. The project, set to go forward this winter, covers somewhat new territory for LED applications.

The system is comprised of LED rope lights, which are connected to DMX controllers and which covertly line the hallways within buildings. In the event of an emergency, the controllers will illuminate the ropes in a series of different flashing patterns and colors.

The colors used will be those of a traffic light and will send the same signals to the evacuees: red for stop, green for go and yellow for move cautiously. Biochemical, motion and temperature sensors will feed data to the controllers based on the nature and severity of the emergency.

Coming on the heels of a successful bid to similarly light underground tunnels for the Canadian parliament, the project marks the start of a new use for LED rope lights, which have been mostly used to highlight signage boards and buildings.

Light Waves recently retrofitted the traffic lights of Topeka, Kansas, with LEDs and is in negotiation with the Seattle Airport to replace the neon lights in terminals.