Light Relief: LED slippers, cufflinks and wrinkle remover

Nov. 21, 2005
We're pleased to introduce an occasional series of articles looking at some of the less serious applications of LEDs. Your contributions are welcome; please contact Tim Whitaker with suggestions.

LED slippers prevent bumps in the night time

From Brightfeet Slippers comes a handy product that will help those of us with young children, weak bladders or a thirst for secret lemonade drinking.

As the company's website says, "Now you can easily move hands free around a darkened house reducing the risk of tripping over objects or running into doors, furniture or anything not easily seen in the dark."

Weight sensors alert the LED in each slipper to activate, although a light sensor prevents activation except in darkened conditions. Each LED is angled upward and will "easily illuminate an area 20 to 25 feet in front of the wearer".

After removing the slippers, a built-in timer delays shut-off of the LEDs to allow time to see your way safely back to bed. And all for only $39.95.

LED cufflinks from iKuffs

For more formal occasions, iKuffs has integrated LEDs into steel cufflinks.

The company's website says that "Bridging the 400 year old past with the bright future of LEDs, these cuff links are on the razor's edge of fashion."

Apparently the cufflinks are for "those who appreciate bold American styling, design, ingenuity and craftsmanship."

iKuffs™ come in stainless steel, brushed or polished finish with six colors of LEDs: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white. Price is $199.99 a pair. Subtlety costs extra.

Restore your wrinkly mug

From Gadget Spy website

Being hailed as the “Anti-wrinkle Breakthrough”, the handy sized Restorelite device has proven that you can turn a wrinkly face in to somebody 5 years younger!

The device, which reduces wrinkles and takes away bags, was discovered by chance after research at the University of Sunderland’s School of Health, Natural and Social Sciences.

Here’s the science: Restorelite is a purpose built multi-LED unit radiating a narrow waveband of near infra-red light that has been medically proven to be therapeutic.

The Restorelite device is powered by mains electricity via a 12-volt transformer, the device looks similar to a computer mouse and is held over the area to be treated for a few minutes at least twice a day.

The treatment is harmless - and claims no side effects. Skin rejuvenation can be detected after approximately 4 weeks of regular use. It is not yet known how long the device must be used for. Those involved in the trials have not stopped using it since so there is no research about what happens when treatment is halted.