SIL 2012 Preview #2: LEDs in Lighting track to focus on transforming the lighting market

Dec. 13, 2011
One of three parallel conference tracks at Strategies in Light 2012 will focus on LEDs in Lighting, looking at market growth, specific applications, color quality and the future directions of solid-state lighting, as BOB STEELE reports.
The LEDs in Lighting track at Strategies in Light 2012 (SIL 2012) has been expanded from one day to 1 ½ days, and will focus on the many developments in solid-state lighting (SSL) that are contributing to the transformation of the lighting market. SIL 2012 takes place on February 7-9, 2012, in Santa Clara, California. The LEDs in Lighting track is offered in parallel with the HB-LED Market and LED Manufacturing tracks.

The lead presentation for the Lighting track’s Plenary session will be by Vrinda Bhandarkar, Director of Research for LED Lighting at Strategies Unlimited. Her presentation will provide a review and update of the LED lighting market, a discussion of the main market drivers, and a five-year forecast. Having reached $4.8 billion in 2010, the LED lighting market, including both replacement lamps and luminaires, is poised to achieve a sustained growth rate exceeding 30% per year for the next five years.

The Keynote Speaker for the Lighting Track will be Ted Ferreira, Principal, CD+M Lighting Design Group, who will give a presentation entitled “Seven Billion People, Six Watts, and the 12th Five-Year Plan.” Ferreira is a highly-respected lighting designer whose firm has completed over 500 projects on six continents. He is a member of the USGBC, IESNA and IAAPA, and has received two IIDA Guth Awards of Excellence in Lighting Design. His presentation will focus on LED lighting as an element of sustainable growth.

Rounding out the Plenary session agenda will be Dave Ranieri, VP and General Manager, Commercial Indoor Business Unit, Lithonia Lighting. His presentation will address the unfolding opportunities in the development of intelligent lighting as digital lighting controls are merged with LEDs. Ranieri has been in the lighting industry for over 27 years, and recently helped commercialize the first indoor ambient LED lighting product series for Lithonia.

Applications of SSL

Because the penetration of LEDs into the general lighting market is taking place on an application-by-application basis, it is important to understand the dynamics of some of the individual applications that are leading the development of the market.

The first speaker in the Applications session will address one of the more successful early market adoptions: lighting of retail food displays. Vincent Guenebaut is Head of Product Innovation at Nualight, a major provider of LED lighting systems for the food-retail industry in Europe. He will discuss how the world’s biggest food retailers have evolved from viewing LED lighting as an energy-saving technology to one that delivers unique merchandising benefits.

A unique feature of the Applications session will be an in-depth, dual-speaker presentation on the process of installing and operating a large-scale architectural LED lighting installation at the Indianapolis, IN, property of one of the world’s largest hotel chains, JW Marriott. The presentation will be from the perspectives of the lighting designers who planned the project: Sarena McComas and Jen Rueth of Type A Productions. The challenges and advantages of the installation will be discussed in depth.

Going to market

The development of the market for LED lighting presents a variety of hurdles and challenges, beyond the obvious technical ones of making efficient and reliable products at prices competitive with conventional lighting. In this session Marc Ledbetter, Program Manager at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), will discuss DOE’s CALiPER program for independently-testing commercial LED lighting products, with a focus on test results for LED replacement lamps. Both recent results and plans for the future will be presented.

Utility involvement in the adoption of SSL will likely prove to be a key element in market adoption. Carolyn Weiner of Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E) and Jon Linn of Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships will give a joint presentation entitled “Transforming the SSL Markets with the Support of Standards and Utility Energy-Efficiency Programs.”

Another set of key players in SSL adoption are the electrical contractors, who are often heavily involved in the decision-making process for new lighting installations. John Maisel, Publisher of Electrical Contractor magazine, will discuss recent market-research results that point to a shift in both the role and scope of electrical contractors in implementing LED lighting.

Color quality

Speakers in this session will address the human perception of color as it relates to the adoption of LEDs in a variety of applications. Jean Paul Freyssinier, Research Scientist at RPI’s Lighting Research Center (LRC), will discuss recent studies that investigated the subjective target chromaticity of white illumination of different CCTs, and will put the results in the context of practical solid-state and traditional light sources.

A presentation by Ron Steen, VP of Market Development at Xicato, will address color-quality issues of LED sources, showing practical examples of white-color variation and challenging the audience to define levels of acceptability. Included in the presentation will be a live demonstration of these concepts.

Although museum lighting represents a relatively small niche in the overall lighting market, it is one of the most demanding applications, and represents a rigorous testing environment for the attributes of LED lighting. Naomi Miller, a highly-regarded lighting designer with an extensive background in SSL, and now at PNNL, will present the results of three DOE Gateway demonstration projects on museum lighting. Gateway has collected feedback on visual appearance, color acceptance, fading and photo degradation issues.

The future with LEDs

This session will feature speakers who will discuss their visions of the future of LED lighting, including the opportunities as well as the challenges. Leading off the session will be Mark McClear, Global Director for Applications Engineering at Cree LED Components. His presentation will address “The Next Big Thing” in LED lighting, including new innovations that are on the horizon in the context of what is achievable and affordable, when and why.

Nadarajah Narendran, Director of Research at the LRC, will give a presentation on overcoming the technical and human factors challenges of SSL. He will discuss the recent research findings of the Alliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies (ASSIST) in areas such as light-source flicker, compatibility of LED replacement lamps with residential dimmers, and driver lifetime projections, and the performance of SSL in various applications.

Amy Olay, Senior Engineer with the San Jose Department of Transportation, will discuss the Californian city’s program of “smart” street-light systems. Her presentation will review the strategies pursued, the lessons learned, and the city’s next steps.

Concluding the session and the LEDs in Lighting track will be Sam Klepper, CMO and Executive VP, Redwood Systems, with a presentation entitled “Introducing the Digital Age of Lighting.” Klepper will define what it means to be “digital” and “internet scale” in the context of commercial lighting systems, and will explore the larger impact of this digital shift in lighting on energy-efficient building-management systems.