WEBCAST: Flicker and dimming in solid-state lighting systems

Oct. 17, 2012
This Webcast will demonstrate the flicker characteristics found in traditional SSL products and provide recommendations as to how LED and dimming products can be selected and tested for flicker.
Title: Flicker and dimming in solid-state lighting systems

Date: Friday, November 9, 2012

Time: 8:00 am PST | 10:00 am CST | 11:00 am EST

Speaker: Michael Poplawski, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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Overview: Flicker, the perceptible modulation of light output when a light source runs on AC power, has been known to cause physiological responses including headaches and in some cases seizures. Flicker is sometimes an issue with LED light sources, and when dimmed, flicker can be induced or made worse. Because most dimmers were designed for use with incandescent sources, LED lighting products face incompatibility issues, particularly with phase-cut dimmers. This incompatibility is both difficult to predict and there are no standard methods for measuring flicker in LED sources. This webcast will demonstrate the flicker characteristics found in traditional SSL products and provide recommendations as to how LED and dimming products can be selected and tested for flicker.

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Michael Poplawski has been a senior engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Portland, Oregon for three years, where he performs technology planning and deployment of the US Department of Energy’s Solid State Lighting Market Transformation Program.

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