LEDs find their niche in architectural lighting

April 18, 2005
Lighting designer Iain Ruxton thinks that LEDs are "still a bit of a gimmick", although the technology has great potential provided that certain inherent problems can be ironed out.
At the LEDs conference held in Brussels last November, several speakers offered some forthright views on the LED industry and its shortcomings. LEDs Magazine spoke with one of those presenters, Iain Ruxton, design associate at lighting design firm Speirs & Major Associates, to discuss where LEDs are best used, and how the adoption of LEDs into various markets can be accelerated.

How do you view the status of LEDs?
Right now, LEDs in lighting are still a bit of a gimmick. They are popular and used quite widely, but often they're used just because they're a new technology. Sometimes this can be reflected in the marketing approaches of LED lighting equipment makers, which focus on the funky color-change effects that can be achieved rather than addressing the needs of the professional lighting market. Even so, there are already many examples where LEDs have been used in the retail and leisure markets, and of course we are now starting to see substantial LED installations in architecture.


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