LEDs Magazine Review – October 2005

Oct. 10, 2005
Packed with feature-length articles, the October 2005 issue of LEDs Magazine Review is now available.

News & Analysis
Super Vision suffers major setbacks in patent battle against Color Kinetics, Philips takes control of LED maker Lumileds, US Energy Policy Act provides funding for solid-state lighting.

VEHICLES Hella demonstrates white-LED headlamp technology suitable for production cars in 2008By 2008, all the major technical and regulatory barriers to implementing LED headlamps in production vehicles will be overcome. LEDs Magazine spoke with Norbert Schiermeister, who is head of LED development for front-lighting applications at Hella.

LEDs in the mainstream: technical hurdles and standardization issues
Discussions at a recent conference in the UK focused on the latest developments in LED technology and ways in which LEDs can be moved into the mainstream lighting market. Tim Whitaker reports.

HIGH-POWER LEDs Multi-Watt LED light engines offer challenges and opportunities Multi-Watt class LED array light engines are emerging as viable replacements for current light sources. As Gareth Jones of Enfis describes, this brings new opportunities for application developers, as well challenges for systems designers.

Small companies fight for a foothold in white LED sector
The white LED area is a minefield of patents, cross-licensing agreements and infringement lawsuits which can prove extremely daunting for new manufacturers, writes Andrew Phillips of phconsult Ltd.

EPO aims to improve patent classification in LEDs field

Dimming method affects chromaticity of white LEDs
A study of dimming methods indicates that the lowest chromaticity shift among high-power white LEDs is observed for phosphor-converted white LEDs dimmed using pulse-width-modulation.

LIGHTING DESIGN Accurate modeling of LED colors: a scientific approach Ian Ashdown describes techniques to minimize the difference between how LED-based lighting projects are rendered by a computer and what the client will see with the finished project.

Microcontroller-based LED drivers: topologies, tradeoffs, and limitations
LED drivers based around microcontrollers can be simple to design and offer a number of advantages, although some limitations remain, as Pedro Pachuca and Rod Borras of Freescale Semiconductor discuss.

LIGHTING Cyberlux matches LED attributes to market needs Emergency lighting and defense-related products have set the stage for US solid-state lighting specialist Cyberlux to begin to penetrate the general lighting market. LEDs Magazine spoke with Mark Schmidt, president and COO of Cyberlux.

IP issues influence fixture makers and LED suppliers
Jed Dorsheimer of Adams Harkness tells LEDs Magazine that resolution of the Color Kinetics-Super Vision patent dispute could have a positive effect on the industry. Meanwhile, the emergence of new phosphor technologies could force LED makers such as Nichia to reassess their approach to protecting their IP and markets.

CONFERENCES LED experts converge at Solid State Lighting conference General illumination, white LEDs and pulse-width modulation were among the subjects discussed during the Fifth International Conference on Solid State Lighting, writes David Nicol.

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