Giant architectural and entertainment projects showcase LED capabilities

Feb. 18, 2007
Several recent projects have underscored the incredible effects that can be achieved with color-changing LEDs on large-scale architectural and entertainment projects, blurring the boundaries between displays and lighting.
Two of the projects were built in Doha, Qatar for the 15th Asian Games held during December 2006. Inside the stadium, Element Labs built a giant, curved LED screen, the largest ever custom-built for a large event.

Meanwhile, the 12-m Olympic flame was held at the top of the 300-m Aspire Tower, which is covered with a unique lighting skin designed by Kevan Shaw Lighting Design.

Visitors to Brussels over the New Year period were able to define colors and patterns displayed by LED lighting fixtures that transformed the Dexia Tower into a giant interactive LED display.

And finally, a huge new LED skyscreen forms the centerpiece of The Place, a new retail development in Beijing's central business district.


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