Optiled and Sichuan Province partner on LED lighting manufacturing

May 28, 2010
Optiled LED lighting manufacturing plant will help Dujiangyan city of Sichuan Province in China recover economically from a devastating earthquake two years ago.

Conceived as part of the Dujiangyan earthquake post-disaster plan initiated by the PRC Government and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, a new Optiled LED lighting manufacturing plant will create 800 – 1000 new jobs and produce 400,000 fixtures and lamps per year. Optiled is initially investing RMB 100 million ($14.6 million US) in the R&D and manufacturing facility that will span 10,000 square meters.

Optiled formed a wholly owned subsidiary, Optiled (Shanghai) Lighting Equipment Company with support from the Chengdu Municipal Government, the Dujiangyan Municipal People's Government, and the Shanghai-Dujiangyan Post-Disaster Reconstruction Headquarters. Optiled and the Dujiangyan Municipal People’s Government signed a partnership agreement on May 24, 2010 – the second anniversary of the Sichuan Earthquake.

The new facility will both help revive the local economy and promote the green lifestyle that has become a focus for the PRC Government. Indeed the PRC plans to phase out incandescent lights because lighting accounts for a significant and growing portion of China's energy consumption.

A total of 17 representatives from mainland China formed a study group and visited Optiled's Hong Kong headquarters on May 25. The group included the mayor of Dujiangyan Municipal People’s Government, Mr. Xu Fuyi, the director of People’s Government of Sichuan Province at Guangzhou Office, Mr. Jia Jiang, the vice director of Chengdu Municipal Tourism Administration, Ms. Duo Yang and the vice mayor of Dujiangyan Municipal People’s Government, Mr. Wang Qing. The group said, "This is a greatly welcomed opportunity for us to work together with Optiled to develop a future that benefits all partners, the general public and society at large. This partnership will contribute to better, greener and more harmonious living conditions for Dujiangyan city."

“LED lighting shows huge potential for development in mainland China in the coming years. Through the investment in this manufacturing facility, we hope to help earthquake-stricken Dujiangyan city revive its local economy and shed more ‘environmentally friendly light’ on the city’s post-disaster reconstruction plan,” said Mr. Peter Chan, managing director of Optiled. “We hope to do our part as a corporate citizen by introducing high-quality LED interior and outdoor lighting products to China’s domestic western markets, so as to align with and contribute to the country’s plans for saving energy, reducing carbon emissions and developing a low-carbon economy.”