Philips Lumileds Luxeon Rebel ES delivers 300+ lumens for outdoor lighting

July 28, 2010
A new addition to the Luxeon Rebel family, the new ES model outputs more than 300 lumens at 1A of drive current boosting efficacy for outdoor SSL.

Philips Lumileds has added to its Luxeon Rebel family with a brighter ES model that delivers in excess of 300 lm, and that the company predicts will shorten the payback period for outdoor solid-state lighting (SSL) installations via high efficacy. The Luxeon Rebel ES can deliver 100 lm/W efficacy at the maximum 1A drive current, or luminaire makers can lower the drive current and achieve even greater 125 lm/W efficacy.

Philips is targeting both outdoor applications such as streets, roadways, and tunnels, and industrial high- and low-bay applications with the Luxeon Rebel ES. The LEDs are available with a choice of 4100K and 5650k color correlated temperatures.

Flexibility is a key feature of the Luxeon Rebel ES product because the design allows luminaire makers to optimize products for efficiency or for brightness – or for variable operation based on adaptive controls. “For our customers, system efficiency and costs are significant drivers of LED solution adoption. LUXEON Rebel ES directly addresses these factors and supports our customers’ key objectives," said Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Steve Barlow.

A luminaire optimized for brightness would likely drive the LEDs at the full 1A current, and luminaire makers would need fewer emitters in a fixture to meet the light-output target. Such a design would lower the up-front cost of the luminaire for the buyer thereby reducing the payback period.

The Rebel ES can still deliver in excess of 220 lm at 700mA drive current and in excess of 125 lm at 350 mA drive current. A luminaire maker could optimize for efficacy by using a lower drive current thereby lowering operating cost due to energy consumption – again potentially reducing payback period.

A scenario with adaptive controls might provide the best of both worlds. Indeed recent research and advice from experts recommend controls to dim and extinguish lights automatically based on scenarios such as time of day and activity (see links at right). LEDs are unique among energy-efficient light sources in their broad compatibility with control scenarios.