LED luminaires and other products at L+B

Highlights included a 20,000 lm luminaire from Siteco, individual LED spotlights from Philips and luminaires based on TIR's Lexel technology from Zumtobel and Spectral.

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Light+Building is a huge show, with more than 2000 exhibitors and over 134,000 attendees this year. Even the super-fit staff of LEDs Magazine couldn't see everything, but we did see plenty of interesting LED-based products, some of which are described below.

CML Innovative Technologies
CML-IT showed a number of innovative products including its Connect&Glo series, designed to make solid-state lighting easy by offering Led lighting units that can be easily connected together. The company's Sixcess range are a drop-in LED replacement for 6S6 filament lamps used in amusement parks. The layout of the LEDs has been designed to mimic the appearance of the filament.

CML-IT's Newport marine light
CML-IT has also developed, in collaboration with LED Specialists, a new range of LED lights for up-market marine interiors, which use very little power and increase battery life when the yacht's generator is switched off. The Sydney model is an LED reading light while the Newport spotlight (pictured) is designed for general overhead lighting. The low heat output of the devices makes them suitable for mounting inside expensive wood panels or close to other materials that could be damaged by heat.

Color Kinetics
Color Kinetics' main announcement was to reveal its new EssentialWhite series of white LED fixtures. These are designed to provide entry-level lighting solutions without the advanced intelligent control that is common to most CK products (see Color Kinetics to unveil new white LED fixtures).

The ERCO range features a large variety of luminaires with white LEDs but also DALI-compatible lighting tools with LEDs for dynamic color-mixing for both indoor and outdoor lighting. These Varychrome fixtures can be controlled with ERCO's intuitive Light Studio software (see LED Varychrome technology from ERCO makes architecture a colourful experience).

Zumtobel's Tempura luminaire
Zumtobel and Ledon
Zumtobel's Tempura product was based on TIR System's Lexel technology, licensed to the Zumtobel subsidiary Ledon Lighting. The color temperature of the spotlight can be adjusted accurately and incrementally from 2500K to 6500 K, and the luminous flux is 1000 lm. When integrated with a DALI lighting management system, dynamic lighting and color sequences can be implemented. As a licensee for TIR's technology, Ledon is free to develop Lexel-based products for other companies in the lighting industry beyond its parent Zumtobel.

Another licensee of TIR's Lexel technology, Spectral GmbH, exhibited the KV 27/65 spotlight, named for the available color temperature range (see Zumtobel and Spectral showcase products using TIR technology). Spectral also exhibited LED-based luminaires suitable for office environments, with an emphasis on adjusting the color temperature of the LED light according to the time of day or the season. The company believes that LED light can be used to affect humans in a positive manner, promoting mental well-being and stimulating productivity.

Spectral's Katamaran
Spectral's Astral.ed and Katamaran luminaires both incorporate LEDs for variable-color-temperature white lighting to colored effects. The Astral.ed, a flat circular luminaire resembling a classic UFO, contains 30 white LEDs and 5 RGB LEDs, and has a temperature range of 3000-7000K. It can be configured as a pendant or as a floror luminaire. The Katamaran pendant has a strip of 12 RGB LEDs for downlighting, and an 80 W fluorescent lamp on the upper side for general ambient lighting.

At the Philips stand, we saw large number of LED products, for example a very neat LED spot containing a single Luxeon K2 (see Philips extends portfolio of LED luminaires for outdoor and indoor applications). Philips' LED Experience Area contained a large suspended luminaire made up of RGBA modules. The fixture also contained a camera which was able to detect objects and cause the LEDs to focus white light onto them.

20,00 lm Siteco luminaire with Ostars
Siteco exhibited a luminaire containing 49 high-power Ostar LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductor, with a combined output of 20,000 lm. Referring to the photo, the LEDs are positioned within a square plate about 7 feet off the ground. Light is directed vertically upwards where it meets a multi-faceted reflector at the top of the mast. The reflector is designed to produce a diffuse, comfortable lighting effect over a wide area.

Award-winning Haze luminaire from IMS
Industrial Micro Systems
Industrial Micro Systems (IMS), a Swiss company, won an award in the "Lights of the Future" design competition, which singles out energy-saving luminaires and energy-efficient lighting systems distinguished by extraordinary design. The Haze luminaire contains rows of different-colored LEDs under its circular top section, allowing the stem to be illuminated with various shades.

MoMo Alliance
MoMo Alliance, a Japanese company, exhibited an area light source suitable for streetlighting containing 18 Nichia one-watt LEDs. The lighting unit, containing an improved design for heat dissipation, measures 250 x 20 x 145 mm and has a power consumption of 21.6 W. At a distance of 2m, the unit provides a maximum illuminance of 510 lux with coverage of approximately 7 m2, while at 4 m distance the values are 136 lux and 14 m2.

The company also showed a high-power UV light source suitable for curing adhesives, paints and other materials. The units contain either 25 or 50 UV LEDs (365 nm) from Nichia, and are very compact and long-lived compared to conventional UV sources.

Trilux was awarded the prestigious "red dot" design award for its ATHENIK LED luminaire. The product is equipped with 16 white LEDs, each with a separate reflector element (see Trilux LED luminaire wins red dot design award).

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