Lighting Science receives orders for LED parking garage lights

March 13, 2006
Lighting Science Group has received an order for 1000 LED Low Bay Lights for use in parking garages.
Lighting Science Group Corporation has announced an order for 1000 of Lighting Science's Optimized Digital Lighting (ODL) Low Bay lighting fixtures from Amtech Lighting Services, an ABM Industries Inc. subsidiary, which is one of the nation's largest lighting management companies.

Lighting Science believes this order is the largest sale of LED lighting fixtures to date in the parking garage segment, which in the US has an estimated 22 million lights, primarily fluorescent, high-pressure sodium or metal halide, in 40,000 garage facilities.

The company expects to begin shipping the products during the second quarter for installation in selected garages operated by AMPCO System Parking, another ABM subsidiary, and in AMPCO client garages.

The Low Bay fixtures contain an array of high output LEDs and Lighting Science's patented ODL power management system housed in a durable fixture that consumes approximately 75 watts, roughly 60% less than incumbent lighting technologies.

Additionally, the lights last 50,000 hours, or 5.7 years on a 24x7x365 operating basis, approximately 300% to 500% longer than incumbent lighting technologies. Therefore, in addition to substantial energy savings, the lights essentially eliminate the high ongoing maintenance and replacement equipment costs of incumbent lighting.

This order stems from the previously announced alliance between Amtech and Lighting Science to install ODL Low Bay lighting fixtures in facilities that Amtech services. Also under the alliance, Amtech is marketing these ODL products to some of its energy-conscious customers who operate 35,000 locations nationwide.

Steven Zaccagnini, president of Amtech, said, "Based on our successful trial of the Low Bay lights, we anticipate substantial energy and maintenance savings for our clients and our own garages. We are proud to be utilizing an energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solution, and fully expect that LED lighting solutions, such as Lighting Science's, are the wave of the future. In that regard, we have begun introducing our energy-conscious clients to this important technology and are prepared to begin rolling out the Low Bay lights to their facilities during this year."

Ron Lusk, Chairman and CEO of Lighting Science Group, stated, "We are confident that Amtech, as the industry leader, will realize significant savings from these garage installations, and will be pleased with the energy savings, quality and durability of our lighting products. For us, this first-in-category purchase gives Lighting Science an immediate important share of the garage light market. We are also optimistic about entering other markets, given the test installations that are underway."

Products are presently installed for testing by other garage operators, as well as select utilities, rapid transit systems, municipalities and commercial real estate owners and managers.