Japanese development to be lit entirely by LEDs

Feb. 1, 2009
A residential development of more than 200 houses in Azabu no Oka, Japan, will use LED fixtures for all its outdoor lighting.
Toyota LED Town The outdoor areas of a residential housing development in Azabu no Oka, Japan, will be lit entirely by LEDs, according to a detailed series of articles on the Nikkei Tech-On website. The development is being built by Toyota Smile Life Inc and has been dubbed Toyota “LED Town.”

The LED lights being installed at the development, located in Miyoshicho, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, will illuminate public areas including streets, sidewalks, parks and bridges, as well as private areas such as the gate, porch and walls of each house.

A total of 204 houses will be built, and more than 20 have already been completed. Each of the houses has four to five LED exterior lamps that light the roads and pathways as well as exterior walls of each house. The LED street lamps are installed only at the intersections of main roads inside the subdivision.

When completed, the development will have a total of about 1000 LED lights, all using white LEDs with a color temperature of slightly less than 3,000K to create a “relaxing and warm atmosphere,” according to the article.

The LED fixtures are being supplied by Japan Outdoor Lighting Mfg Co Ltd. Each light incorporates white LED modules manufactured by Toyoda Gosei Co Ltd (also part of the Toyota group). About five types of LED modules were used to make the LED lights, according to the fixture maker.