Cooperation between China and Taiwan urged in LED forum

June 10, 2009
LED makers are being urged to cooperate in areas such as standardization, patents, certification and investment.
LED manufacturers from Taiwan and China were urged to work together to develop better technologies and create a “win-win situation,” according to an article in the China Times.

The remarks were made by industry representatives during a cross-strait LED forum held at the Grand Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan on June 9-10 (see news announcement).

Huang Chung-chiu, Taiwan deputy minister of economic affairs, said that Taiwan has formed a seamless LED supply chain network, with manufacturers having developed expertise in such products as LED-based back-light panels for notebook PCs and LCD TVs. Taiwan's ultra-bright LED chip production accounts for 40 percent of the global total.

“China can learn much from Taiwan," said Feng Jichun, an official with China's Ministry of Science and Technology, adding that the People's Republic has achieved breakthroughs in mid- to upstream LED applications.

"Taiwan has the expertise, scale and human resources,” Feng said. "Both sides of the strait can complement each other."

Feng mentioned five areas in which Taiwan and China can work together, including investment, and the formation of an industry alliance to conduct joint research and development.

The two countries should also work on common approaches to patents and standardization, as well as developing a common certification and testing platform, he added.

Wu Ling, secretary general of the China Solid State Lighting Alliance, said governments on both sides have already built a bridge allowing greater exchanges in the future in the areas of patenting, technology and standardization. "Both sides should work together on R&D, investment, capital expansion, international markets enlargement, and the formation of international brands," she said.

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