Spaulding adds backlight control to LED-based Cimarron outdoor luminaires

June 6, 2012
In the Cimarron outdoor SSL area-light family, the optional ECL1PSE backlight control system can reduce light spill behind the poll by 85%.

Spaulding Lighting, a Hubbell Lighting brand, has announced the ECL1PSE Backlight Control System for its Cimarron series of LED lights designed for street-and area-lighting applications. The company says that the system eliminates wasted backlight by 85% without impacting the effective projected area of the solid-state lighting (SSL) beam.

Manufacturers of luminaires based on legacy sources have used large shields to try and control backlight, but in doing so have essentially deflected beams in other directions. Spaulding says that the ECL1PSE system uses a tiny shield on each LED optic, and that the system design is tuned to accurately and efficiently produce Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Type II, III, IV and V beam distributions.

Spaulding offers the luminaires in light-output packages ranging from 5000-22,000 lm. The 500K CCT fixtures are approved by the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) and are rated for 60,000 hours of life.

The Cimarron series dissipates about half the power of HID lights with comparable light output. Spaulding also offers bi-level and continuous-dimming features. Moreover, the company offers optional wireless network support through the wiHUBB system.