Ringdale introduces ActiveLED fixtures that comply with MLO

Aug. 25, 2012
A new line of LED fixtures comply with the Model Lighting Ordinance and have been designed for full programmability.
Ringdale Inc., a manufacturer of commercial LED luminaires based in Georgetown, TX, has introduced ActiveLED industrial-grade fixtures that protect night skies via built-in intelligence and controls. Designed to comply with the Model Lighting Ordinance (MLO) and developed by the International Dark Sky Association and the Illumination Engineering Society, the fixtures and control systems allow cities, communities and farm owners to illuminate areas without the traditional light spill or compromise to performance or safety.
"Buyers have long seen night-sky preservation as important; however, the concern that features such as lumens delivered, efficiency, durability or selection could be compromised often led to the purchase of fixtures that did not support night skies," remarked Klaus Bollmann, president and CEO of Ringdale. "Through our specific design to deliver more light to the task whereby reducing wasted energy, ActiveLED fixtures have always been naturally suited to support night-sky initiatives and comply to lighting ordinances."

The MLO was published in the summer of 2011 as an outdoor lighting template designed to help municipalities develop outdoor lighting standards that reduce glare, light trespass, and sky glow.

The ActiveLED system incorporates the LightSpace or ActiveBMS electrical device management system to manage the outdoor lighting including LED or conventional lighting in compliance with the control functionality outlined in the MLO. ActiveLED fixtures can also interface with any other Building Management System in operation today.

Each fixture is programmable and the target area can be specified by degrees. Shields are not necessary, allowing 100% of the lumen output to be utilized. The power supply on ActiveLED fixtures are DC or AC capable and can be used with battery packs.

A lighting installation that highlights the façade of the City Hall building in Brighton, Colorado was configured with colored lights that can be switched to white as desired. Each one of 33 total fixtures uses only 72W of power. Ringdale provides a 10-year guarantee against light loss.

The company’s product line includes over 70 application-specific ActiveLED light fixtures for categories such as street lighting, ornamental retrofits, general office lighting, cold storage facilities, and accent lighting.