Bridgelux announces LED-based module to speed outdoor development

March 27, 2014
The Outdoor Lighting Module integrates Bridgelux COB LEDs and optics in an environmentally-sealed package that can be quickly integrated into outdoor fixtures for luminaires for roadway and other applications.

Bridgelux has announced the Outdoor Lighting Module (OLM) LED-based product family meant to accelerate the development cycle for manufacturers working on outdoor-lighting products. Bridgelux said that the weather-tight module with integrated optics can reduce solid-state lighting (SSL) development time by three to six months and cut $100,000 in R&D expenses.

With the OLM, Bridgelux is targeting roadway, parking, industrial, and other outdoor applications. Each module integrates two Bridgelux Vero Series chip-on-board (COB) LEDs with a custom-designed optic covering each LED. The company will offer six versions of the OLM with flux output ranging from 2000 lm to more than 4000 lm and a choice of 4000K or 5000K CCTs. Product developers can combine as many as three of the OLMs in a single fixture design enabling the six base models to support luminaire designs that can replace 70W to 250W HID lighting.

The OLM is not Bridgelux's first foray into outdoor modules. Back in early 2012, Bridgelux developed a module based on one of its LED arrays in a large discrete package and supplied the product along with exclusive partner Chevron Energy Solutions to retrofit projects. Bridgelux said that since the retired design still serves in a number of projects although the exclusive relationship with Chevron is over. Moreover, a spokesperson said, "The knowledge gained from that previous experience was invaluable in the development of the new Bridgelux OLM Series, which will be available through broad distribution."

Modules in general can accelerate the SSL development process by handling the LED integrations, mitigating thermal issues, and in this case including optics that can form the desired beam patterns. For outdoor lighting, however, the fact that the OLM is also IP-66 rated against water and dust ingress takes considerable burden off the development team that needs to ensure reliable operation in harsh conditions. Brad Bullington, Bridgelux's CEO, said, "We are now introducing the industry's most advanced and sophisticated LED sub-system for outdoor applications."

The OLM is based on a Vero 10 LED that enables system efficacy ranging from 96-124 lm/W. A COB LED is a compromise in an outdoor-lighting design. Without question a carefully-crafted luminaire that uses small LEDs and total internal reflection (TIR) lenses can deliver more precise beam patterns. That said, we expect more outdoor lighting products to use COBs because they are much simpler to design into luminaires and provide performance that is suitable in many applications. The Bridgelux design uses the combination of a reflector and diffuser lens to control the beam. For more information about beam patterns see "SSL luminaires must deliver reliable beam patterns in outdoor applications."

Bridgelux said that the modules will be available beginning in June for customer shipments. The subsystems range from 14W to 40W in power consumption. Bridgelux is rating the modules for minimum 50,000-hr lifetime.