Carmanah partners with Beta to develop solar-powered LED area light

May 23, 2008
Caramanah's new fixture combines its solar engine with a specially-developed BetaLED luminaire.
Carmanah and Beta Lighting have developed an LED-based, solar-powered, area lighting fixture that combines Carmanah's EverGEN solar engine with a BetaLED luminaire designed specifcally for this application. Carmanah describes the result as its brightest solar-powered area light to date. It is a stand-alone lighting fixture that can be installed in minutes to illuminate parks, paths, kiosks and other outdoor areas.

Carmanah says the new solar-powered area fixture directs light only where needed and is "dark-sky friendly" as specified by the International Dark-Sky Association.

"Beta Lighting has developed a leading product with this line of LED fixtures," said Ted Lattimore, Carmanah CEO. "When combined with Carmanah's stand-alone solar power supply, it provides the best and brightest illumination we've ever seen from a solar-powered area light."

Carmanah's EverGEN solar engine is a compact, solar-powered energy source that uses the sun's energy to power outdoor area lighting applications. All components (including photovoltaic modules, rechargeable batteries, sensors and electronics) are integrated within a compact and durable pole-mounted design.

With no trenching or cabling required, the EverGEN solar engine can be installed in minutes, with minimal technical expertise, at a fraction of the cost of a hard-wired system.

"When combined with Carmanah's powerful EverGEN solar engine, an LED lighting solution can provide considerable benefits over traditional lighting alternatives — especially in remote applications," said Alan Ruud, founder and president of Beta Lighting's parent company, Ruud Lighting.