Carmanah wins Innovation Award at LightFair 2008

June 3, 2008
Carmanah's EverGEN solar-powered LED luminaire received the Judges' Citation Award at Lightfair.
At LightFair 2008's Innovation Awards last week, Carmanah's new EverGEN™-powered LED luminaire received the Judges' Citation Award, an honor awarded at the discretion of a panel of renowned lighting professionals.

The category encompassed exterior lighting products for roadway, sports, floodlight, outdoor architectural and site lighting applications.

Key factors that helped judges choose Carmanah's EverGEN solar-powered area light included the sustainability of this solar-powered lighting alternative, a stand-alone form factor that enables the product to be easily installed as a single integrated unit, and the product's specifier-friendly presentation.

This year, the product has been improved, thanks to a partnership between Beta Lighting and Carmanah Technologies. As an integrated solution, Carmanah's new solar-powered area light combines the versatility of Carmanah's EverGEN solar engine with the efficiency and performance of the new BetaLED™ THE EDGE™ light fixture from Beta Lighting. Based on THE EDGE line of commercial and industrial light fixtures from Beta Lighting, the new BetaLED fixture has been specifically designed for maximum compatibility with Carmanah's EverGEN solar engine. The result is Carmanah's brightest and best performing solar powered area light to date: a versatile stand-alone lighting solution that can be installed in minutes to illuminate parks, paths, kiosks and other outdoor areas.

Directing light only where needed, the new solar-powered area light is "dark-sky friendly" as specified by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA).

The LIGHTFAIR Innovation Awards ceremony recognizes the industry's newest and most innovative lighting technologies and products.