Meet your next new customer at LEDiscovery (updated)

March 12, 2008
An exciting and unique opportunity for LED and Adaptive Lighting Technology Manufacturers and Agents is scheduled for late March in Toronto, Canada, reports Brian Owen, our Canadian Columnist.
*** Editor's note ***

According to Brian Owen, the Submission of Interest Deadline for LEDiscovery has been extended from March 10th until March 17th. "To date, over 20 LED and Adaptive Lighting Control Technology Manufacturers have responded to attend, but in order to maximize value for the attendee sectors, we are extending the submission deadline by one week," says Owen.

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Entitled LEDiscovery, this event on March 25-26 is part of the LightSavers project that encompasses three levels of Canadian government and related funding, including the Toronto Atmospheric Fund, the Technology Development Fund of the Ontario Power Authority and funding from the Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada.

LightSavers is intended to introduce to and further development awareness of LED and Adaptive Lighting Technology (ALT) in outdoor applications with the City of Toronto Agencies, Boards and Commissions (ABCs) and to the many surrounding municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), as well as to identify key lighting opportunities and locations where the technologies can be successfully deployed.

Both the financial and technical aspects will be assessed with a commitment to explore potential applications where they make economic, environmental and technically practical sense. The Community Conservation Initiatives Fund of the Ontario Ministry of Energy is also sponsoring the private sector and public component of LEDiscovery.

In February of 2007, greenTbiz, the energy efficiency and environmental awareness program of the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA) launched at Exhibition Place in Toronto, the site of their first LED outdoor lighting pilot in cooperation with Leotek/electromega and Exhibition Place. This led to the development of a number of LED outdoor lighting pilots throughout the City of Toronto.

In June of 2007, the City of Toronto was recognized for its efforts by being designated as an LED City, an industry development and technology awareness program founded by Cree. Toronto joined Raleigh, NC and is now joined by Ann Arbour, MI, Austin TX and Tianjin, China. The LED City Toronto program is facilitated through the efforts of greenTbiz. In recent months, greenTbiz has been working with the City of Welland’s LED deployment by conducting the Evaluation, Monitoring and Verification (EM&V) process through public consultations, energy analysis and photometric testing.

With this vast amassed knowledge and experience, greenTbiz will take the lead agency role in the LightSavers project, with the first phase being the LEDiscovery event. To be held in Toronto, Canada on March 25th and 26th, LEDiscovery will bring together LED and ALT manufacturers with the Municipal, Academic, Social and Healthcare (MASH) sectors, Agencies, Boards and Commissions (ABCs) from the GTA, building organizations, designers, property developers & managers, the commercial sector, small business and community. Although essentially LightSavers being an outdoor and area lighting initiative, LEDiscovery will include both indoor and outdoor applications.

LEDiscovery will include a Manufacturers’ Display Forum, where they will be able to showcase their products to the targeted audience.

Make an LEDate

This event will be complemented with LEDate, an afternoon of meetings, similar to ‘speed-dating’ where LED industry personnel will be able to meet one-on-one with the key decisions makers and specifiers from the various agencies and municipalities in attendance who are responsible for lighting in a barrier-free and unencumbered environment. Both LEDiscovery and LEDate will provide an intensified ‘quality time’ opportunity that bypasses the ‘door-knocking’ and appointment arranging process that sometimes takes months for these two elements to meet.

As a part of this event, there will be an open public forum and display on the evening of March 25, which will include private sector invitees, as well as the public. On March 26, the program is reserved for government and institutional attendees.

Best of all, in an effort to advance the industry and transform the market, there is also another barrier removed that is always associated with conferences and trade shows, that being the cost! There is no charge to qualified manufacturers to participate. Manufacturers must be able to display either pre-production o production product and be able to submit valid testing results, such as certifications and photometric files.

Expressions of interest

The event will also announce and introduce the Expression of Interest process that much like a Call for Submissions will invite manufacturers to participate in piloting LED and Adaptive Lighting Technology with the agency and municipal partners.

Later in the year, LightSavers will host another forum at Toronto’s City Hall, which will include an education program for the agencies and municipalities. Jim Brodrick of the US Department of Energy, as well as representatives from the municipalities currently engaging LED pilots, including Raleigh, NC, Ann Arbor, MI and Oakland, CA are among the invited speakers.

Manufacturers are required to register their interest in advance and be able to exhibit products at the minimum of the pre-production stage, as well able to provide certification and photometric information. The deadline for submission of interest is March 10th, 2008.

For further information and to express your interest to participate in LEDiscovery sand LEDate, LED and ALT manufacturers should contact Lindsay Adams, Program Coordinator ([email protected]) or Chantal Brundage, Program Manager ([email protected]) of greenTbiz by email. Further details can be found at greenTbiz.