Lightfair International tradeshow: company announcements and products, part 3

May 20, 2011
The annual Lightfair International tradeshow took place on May 17-19 this year, in Philadelphia, PA.
A-lamp LED products highlighted at Lightfair Lightfair 2011 delivered LED-based lighting innovation in many forms with A-Lamp products taking center stage due to the inherent ability of the products to work in existing sockets.

Luxeon A recognized with technical innovation award at Lightfair
Philips Lumileds' Luxeon A won the Technical Innovation Award at Lightfair International earlier this week. The product incorporates two breakthroughs: hot testing and Freedom From Binning. All Luxeon A emitters fall within a single 3 step MacAdam Ellipse at 2700K and 3000K and deliver superior quality of light with color consistency from unit to unit that has never before been possible.

Cooper Lighting to showcase expertise and introduce new LED technology at Lightfair International 2011
Cooper Lighting exhibited a wide range of its indoor and outdoor lighting products at Lightfair International earlier this week. The company recently launched a linear LED platform designed to integrate into 32 luminaires.

Daintree Networks announces new ControlScope Connected Partners
Daintree Networks Inc. has added four new companies to its ControlScope Connected Partner program. The aim of the program is to encourage interoperability between third party products, as well as the ControlScope wireless lighting controls platform.

Future Lighting Solutions introduces intelligent lighting platform
Future Lighting Solutions has launched its Intelligent Lighting Platform, which features Synapse Wireless Technology. The platform includes communication technologies, simple certified wireless/PLC system controllers, LED drivers and more.

GreenWave Reality announces partnership with NXP Semiconductors to deliver breakthrough, connected lighting solution
GreenWave Reality and NXP Semiconductors are joining forces on a control and management solution for solid-state lighting (SSL). GreenWave Reality's scalable, IP-based platform wirelessly connects NXP GreenChip-enabled light bulbs, running JenNet-IP software, to provide users with a feature-rich lighting experience.

Lighting Science Group showcases pioneering LED infrastructure products at Lightfair
Lighting Science Group featured several LED infrastructure products at Lightfair International 2011. The products boast a 40% energy savings over traditional lighting products, according to CEO Jim Haworth. The products include the Roadmaster street light, C2D LED parking garage and lot light as well as the new IHB series.

Molex solderless LED array holder provides single-piece mounting solution, simplifying installation of Bridgelux ES arrays
Solderless LED array holder is now available from Molex Inc. Molex’s LED array holders reduce installation time and increase connectivity options while lowering costs. They are ideal for all general illumination applications including downlighting, architectural lighting and area lighting.

Philips leads lighting innovation with broadest portfolio of LED solutions
Philips showcased its extensive portfolio of LED products at Lightfair International 2011. Some of these products include a new outdoor lighting system, an LED replacement for the 75-watt incandescent bulb, and an LED replacement for a 60-watt incandescent.

WAC Lighting introduces innovative hybrid OLED luminaire at Lightfair
WAC Lighting unveiled a hybrid-OLED luminaire earlier this week at Lightfair International 2011. The luminaire uses LEDs as well as OLEDs, and six luminaire panels. The OLEDs are glare-free while diffusing ambient illumination and delivering 300-plus lumens at 12 watts. At 3000K, the OLEDs' CRI (Color Rendering Index) is 80.