MaxLite completes outdoor LED projects in Mexico and Allentown, PA

July 23, 2013
MaxLite has supplied LED canopy fixtures and wall packs to light two Allentown Parking Authority multi-deck garages, while also supplying SSL floodlights for a petrol station retrofit in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

The Allentown Parking Authority in Allentown, Pennsylvania has completed a retrofit of the Government Deck and Transportation Center multi-level parking garages in downtown with a variety of MaxLite LED canopy, wall-pack, and area-lighting luminaires. In Cienega de Flores, located in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, a Servicio Express station projects $42,762 in annual energy savings after a retrofit with MaxLite canopy and area solid-state lighting (SSL).

Allentown garage

In Allentown, GreenTech Energy Services worked with the Allentown Parking Authority in specifying fixtures that would improve the light quality and save energy in the two garages that had been constructed in 2007. "Our goal was to reduce our energy consumption and control our maintenance costs," said Wayne Shupp, facility supervisor of the Allentown Parking Authority. The project included lighting driving lanes, stairwells, roof-top parking, and the exterior of the garages.

The authority provided a strict set of specifications including the requirement that the fixtures used be qualified to the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) program. "We used MaxLite for this as well as many other projects because the company delivers good quality and value," said Eileen Fox, marketing manager for GreenTech. "Its products are Energy Star and DLC compliant, and its focus on good customer service makes it easy for us to work with them."

At the Government Deck site, the team replaced 201 175W or 200W metal halide (MH) fixtures with 40W LED Parking Garage Canopy fixtures to light lanes and parking space. The same fixtures were used to replace 86 100W MH fixtures in the stairwells. Meanwhile, on the roof, 16 100W LED area lights replaced 400W MH shoebox fixtures. On the sides of the building, the team swapped out 18 100W direct/indirect MH fixtures with 20W LED Wall Packs and the same fixtures were used to replace 22 100W MH floodlights.

At the Transportation center the story was much the same with 160 40W canopy fixtures installed in the driving lanes and 12 100W area lights installed on the roof. In the stairwells the team retrofitted 12 100W wall packs and 21 100W ceiling-mounted fixtures with 20W and 40W fixtures, respectively.

Fox said, "The MaxLite products we installed at Allentown Parking Authority’s facility have provided our customer with significant energy savings while improving the appearance of the entire facility." The authority projects that the retrofits will deliver $68,049 annual in energy costs and $14,152 in maintenance costs."

"Only two months after the project, we're already seeing the results we hoped for," said Shupp. "Aesthetically, the whole building looks new. Overall, we're very pleased."

Mexico service station

The service station project in Mexico, meanwhile, demonstrates that even LED lighting retrofits on a much smaller scale can deliver substantial savings. The Servicio Express Aeropuerto Carret needed new lighting to improve customer safety, and that would be affordable in terms of operational costs.

Distributor Lighting Consultants, S.A. de C.V. consulted on the project that includes both lighting parking areas and the canopy area over the gas pumps. The station replaced 13 250W MH floodlights in the parking area with 70W MaxLite LED flood lights. And 10 70W LED Fuel Pump Canopy Luminaires replaced 320W MH lights above the pumps.

"We chose the canopy and floodlight fixtures because of the substantial energy savings they will provide to our customer," said Daniel J. Salazar Cardenas of Distributor Lighting Consultants. "Once the fixtures were installed, we were happy with the excellent light quality of the once dark service station." The station projects $32,160 savings in energy and maintenance costs over the life of the products.

Other MaxLite projects

MaxLite also has two recent noteworthy indoor SSL projects and a unique outdoor project. Navis industries, based in Elgin, IL, replaced eight 400W high-bay fixtures with 144W MaxLite LED Highbay luminaires. The Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in Englewood, NJ has installed MaxLite LED Flat Panel Performance Series luminaires in an executive office. In both cases these projects were focused on improved light quality.

At California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) in Carson, California, MaxLite supplied customized recessed troffers in a honeycomb-like structure covering walkways outside of a campus building. The installation eliminated issues such as wasp and other insect problems and will deliver energy savings. Read the details of these three MaxLite SSL projects over on our Illumination in Focus website.