SolarOne announces first order for solar LED lighting

July 27, 2005
Several orders have been received by SolarOne Solutions for its SOLED area lighting product that combines LEDs and solar power.
SolarOne Solutions has received its first orders for SOLEDTM area lighting using its new patent-pending MC2 technology powered by solar energy.

One such order came recently from a New England university, where the SOLED unit will be used for lighting a dark pathway to its athletic facility.

The attributes of the SolarOne system are discussed in the article The case for solar-powered LED lighting.

"Our proprietary MC2 technology is able to deliver perhaps the most energy-efficient and illumination-effective lighting available in a solar lighting system," said Moneer Azzam, president of SolarOne.

"Combined with our SOLED lights, the programming and features of the MC2 controller allow customers to select the light levels, light quality and timing profiles that suit the needs of their specific applications."

The company is already observing a 40% improvement in lumen per watt efficiency over prior versions of the system and estimates that users could as much as double the run-time performance with the new energy manager.

"MC2 embodies years of experience and lessons of working with solar powered systems," said Azzam. "The technology is intended to make any facility or municipal manager at least as comfortable with a SOLED lighting system as with any conventional area light on the market, if not more so."

In fact, says Azzam, the level of control offered by MC2 could end up setting a new standard for all area lighting systems.

The development of the MC2technology is supported in part by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative SEED Program.

SOLED lights operate independent of the electric grid, relying on a solar panel for its power source. This ensures that they will remain lit, even during grid-connected power shortages. Additionally, their independent power source enables them to be sited flexibly and installed easily, without incurring the significant expenses of trenching and repaving.