Pulsar adds color to QEII conference center

June 13, 2005
Multiple LED color-changing fixtures have been used on the outside of a prominent building in London.
The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, situated directly across the river Thames from Westminster Abbey and the chimes of Big Ben, has undergone a striking application of color to its central London building exterior.

To achieve this, the QEII management embraced the latest developments in LED fixture technology by integrating ChromaFlood200 fixtures from Pulsar (Cambridge, UK) into their exterior lighting scheme.

A total of fourteen high-power RGB CFLD200 fixtures provide stunning changing color to the building facade with a maximum power requirement of only 2,500 watts, a figure that is reduced to about 1,250 watts for most of the programmed scenes.

Control is provided by a Pulsar Masterpiece Replay Unit that performs the pre-programmed scenes. These are then transmitted by DMX to the fixtures in real time. The scenes include gentle color fades of all fourteen fixtures in unison, and the occasional sweep of multiple colors to add variety.

The QEII's Production Manager, Derek Chalmers who conceived and implemented the project, commented, "This is an amazing step forward in technology. The ChromaFlood200 LED fixtures give me a wonderful color palate, without the need to change lamps or perform regular maintenance. The system has proven to be a great success and our clients love the results."