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March 18, 2011
The March 2011 issue of LEDs Magazine is now available.
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The US Department of Energy (DOE) took the podium on February 23 at the Strategies in Light conference, and announced the winners in the 2010 Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) competition. For winners, see page 29.

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Backlighting applications drove massive 93% jump in HB-LED market during 2010
Display applications in TVs, monitors and mobile devices will continue to drive the LED market in the next two years, after which solid-state lighting will take over. TIM WHITAKER reports from the Strategies in Light conference.

CONFERENCES: STRATEGIES IN LIGHTSIL presentations chart LED advancements and application evolution LED technology has advanced to enable broad applicability, although component makers are still seeking to boost brightness and quality, and potential technology challengers such as OLEDs are lurking, says MAURY WRIGHT in Part 1 of our report from SIL 2011.
DOE SSL WORKSHOP DOE workshop covers SSL case studies and technology development LED industry participants gathered in San Diego to hear about the latest applications and enabling technologies, and to help map the DOE’s SSL program, says MAURY WRIGHT.

Field trials collect performance data for LED outdoor-area lighting
While LED luminaires may be the popular choice for street and area lighting right now, Tom Geist says “show me the data” that proves efficiency and other SSL claims.

THERMAL LEDs chill out with heat sinks molded from conductive compounds Thermoplastic compounds featuring conductive fillers can be used to fabricate LED heat sinks that offer high performance and design freedom, explains HANS-OTTO SCHLOTHAUER.
DESIGN FORUMLED drivers for 3D-TV backlights require extreme accuracy Implementing a 3D mode in an LED TV increases the demand for current accuracy, peak current range, number of channels, timing speed and accuracy in the LED driver IC, as WERNER SCHÖGLER, MARKUS LUIDOLT and MANFRED PAURITSCH explain.
LAST WORDLED lighting – embrace the change, seize the opportunity or become irrelevant The opportunity to make and deliver an SSL product that improves people’s lives is here today, says TERRENCE WALSH of TEMPO INDUSTRIES.

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Market growth drives strategies in lighting


  • LED luminaires show healthy growth
  • Osram Opto expands LED capacity via 6-inch conversion
  • Lynk Labs and partners show AC-LED packages
  • LSG submits 60W L-Prize lamp
  • UL acquires Lighting Sciences, Inc.
  • PIDA predicts rapid growth for LED market in Taiwan...and more


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