SSL Technology Update: October 8, 2012

Oct. 10, 2012
In this week's update: Business deals and government programs; a major SSL retrofit at the Mall of America.
Let's start with a new subsidy planned by the Taiwanese government intended to broaden the use of LED lamps in the country and benefit local LED lamp and LED manufacturers. The Ministry of Economic affairs is considering a subsidy of 200 New Taiwan dollars per lamp bought by households. That's roughly just under $7 US. But it could half the amount residents pay for retrofit lamps in Taiwan. The program is expected in a month's time, but already some major Asian lamp and LED companies such as Everlight Electronics and Edison Opto have seen their share prices rise.

In partnership news, Royal Philips Electronics and commercial property management specialist Jones Lang LaSalle announced a cooperative effort to install energy-efficient products from Philips Lighting into office buildings under Jones Lang LaSalle management. The partners noted that the property management firm has more than 70 million points of light under its control, and that the agreement could generate $100 million in savings in energy cost annually for clients. Clearly it would be good news for Philips Lighting, as it would provide a broader market for its LED luminaires. The agreement also includes energy-management systems that Philips also offers. The program kicked off in Singapore but will be brought to the US, Europe, and other regions.

In the UK, LED fixture maker PhotonStar announced an agreement with a yet-to-be-named home builder that will cover solid-state lighting in new residential homes. The partnership in part was prompted by a new program called Code for Sustainable Homes that now covers new construction in England and Wales.

We will close with the case study of the parking garages at The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. The Mall is the busiest in the US, covering 100 acres, and includes twin parking garages with 12,550 spaces. In the garages, the mall sought to retrofit fifty-six hundred high-pressure sodium and metal-halide lights with LED-based fixtures on a one-for-one basis. But Bloomington has some of the strictest codes in the US on light levels in garages, including a policy of no uplight from fixtures. After 4 years of study, the mall has installed Ratio LED fixtures from Tersen Lighting, an Acuity Brand. The project delivered improved light levels and uniformity, including better ability for the security force to recognize faces in the ramps on camera or in person. The project has yielded a savings of 7 million kilo watt hours annually.