Interview: Christopher Ruud of Beta Lighting

Aug. 29, 2007
Outdoor LED lighting fixtures from Beta LED were among the highlights of Lightfair International 2007. Christopher Ruud, Executive Vice President of Beta Lighting, tells LEDs Magazine how his company came to introduce LED fixtures, taking advantage of the positive benefits of LED technology.
LEDs Magazine: When did you decide to develop LED fixtures?Christopher Ruud: We've been tracking LED technology for a number of years, but at the Strategies in Light conference in February 2006 we saw a big leap in white LED efficacy from around 25 lm/W to 40 lm/W.

Since product development takes around 12-18 months, we decided to start work, in anticipation of having access to LEDs at around the 70 lm/W mark in early 2007. At Lightfair 2007, we launched a new brand, Beta LED, and a corresponding range of outdoor LED lighting fixtures.

What were your first experiences with LEDs?
There was a great deal of trial and error. We placed LEDs into traditional lighting fixtures, but this didn't work. Thermal and optical issues are extremely challenging. LED lighting products need to make use of the advantages of LEDs, and purpose-designed fixtures are required.


This article was published in the August 2007 issue of LEDs Magazine.

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