Gtek custom designs LED 'curtain' for largest outdoor LED display in southern China

Aug. 3, 2016
The project is located in Jiaxin Building, where is an important transportation hub of Shantou. To fit the curve of building, Gtek specially designed flexible LED strip curtain, which fully demonstrated unique graceful arc. Many patents of Gtek were involved in this project. Bri-Curtain H series H16 is famous for its brightness, high-resolution, wide viewing angle, lightweight and energy-efficient. And its excellent display effect makes Shantou look more brilliant. With an area of 1855㎡, the project has become the largest outdoor LED display in Southern China.

Project Details
(1) Bri-Curtain H series, which used in this project, is famous for its lightweight, thinness, transparent and energy-efficient. Compared with the conventional cabinet-based LED display, its energy-saving rate can reach up to 60% or more, for saving your operating costs.
(2) Its weight is 65% lighter than conventional cabinet-based LED display, greatly reducing both the load-bearing requirements of the steelwork as well as the cost of auxiliary steelwork. So the graceful design can be presented perfectly.
(3) The protection level of Bri-Curtain H16DC can reach up to IP67 and its maximum transparency rate is 90% or more. It is applicable to any rainy weather and can do well even in -20C conditions.

Project Highlights
(1) Architectural Aesthetics: During the negotiation, customer indicated that the whole display must fit with curve-shaped building and have excellent light transmittance. According to client’s requirements, Gtek adopted Bri-Curtain H series H16, featured by flexible and transparent, which was integrated with building perfectly without impacting indoor natural lighting.
(2 )Regional Environment: Being a seaside city, Shantou always need to face typhoon attacking. And Bri-Curtain H16, featured by low-energy, light-weight, high-transparent, less wind-resistance and IP67, do well even in -20C conditions and heavy weather. It is the first-choice for outdoor fixed installation.
(3) City Image: Shantou is China's only inland sea of urban cities and one of China's five special economic zones. Now, Shantou Jiaxin Building goes digital with 1855 ㎡Gtek outdoor full color curved LED display, which will boost consumption development and increase businesses value, and become a new landmark of Shantou!