LaneLight/ITEM Ltd. announce availability of AC-powered in-road LED warning light

Feb. 16, 2015
LaneLight/ITEM Ltd. announces availability of their MLK150-AAC In Road Warning Light (IRWL) system now featuring AC addressable chip technology. These new AC powered heads will allow for more efficient power consumption on longer runs and allow the lights to remain on for long periods of time without the concerns associated with DC powered systems. The individually addressable light heads not only allow the IRWL systems to be used in traditional crosswalk and lane line delineation applications but will also allow traffic engineers to create a variety of chasing, flashing, pulsing, and customizable patterns that can be used dynamically in a variety of applications such as dual left turn lane systems, wrong way warning systems, HOV/HOT dynamic lane control systems, counter flow lane control systems, fog delineation / pacing systems, and other custom applications.

Many cities and DOT’s have already benefited from the LaneLight MLK150 IRWL system since its introduction in 2003. Traditionally used in crosswalk warning systems, tunnels, bridges, HOT lanes, and stop lines, this new AC addressable chip technology will allow even more flexibility and durability when it comes to designing dynamic IRWL traffic control systems.

Since 2000 LaneLight/ITEM Ltd. has been saving lives with a variety of LED enhanced warning systems.


Dale Stewart, Sales Manager - LaneLight/ITEM Ltd.
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