Green Inova designs 280-350W LED retrofit kits to replace 1000W metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps

July 1, 2015
Green Inova has announced new 1000W-equivalent LED retrofit kits with a new thermal management design using cold-forged PIN heat sinks.

Advantages of Green Inova’s patented, high-end design in its LED retrofit kits:
1) Cold-forged technology used for PIN heat sink (versus others' die-cast heat sink)
2) Material of heat sink: High quality pure aluminum (versus others' aluminum alloy)
3) Heat conductivity of heat sink: 237 W/m.K (2.4 times higher than others' die casting)
4) Heat radiating area: Typically 20% larger than others (but with smaller size)
5) Weight: 30% lighter, less burden, more durable for mounting, new safety level

With improved material, higher heat conductivity, and a greater radiating area, GI's new heat sinks contribute to a greater level of cooling in its LED retrofit kits.

Certificates & patents:
1) All retrofits are DLC listed, including different wattages and voltages. As one of the LED companies who has the most DLC listings, GI has nearly 300 listings now and more to come.
2) Patent No.'s of GI's 4th generation LED retrofit kits: ZL201430461155.6, ZL201530029682.4, ZL 201530029456.6,ZL 201520081094.X

Warranty: 5-year on LED drivers, 10-year on LED heads.

Also we have a warehouse located in Los Angeles, where the inventory covers LED retrofit kits, wall packs, indoor and outdoor high bays, canopy lights, and more. Kindly check the inventory list on our official website below. Stock status is updated daily; please check back before ordering.


Green Inova Technology (Shenzhen) Limited
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