LED Lighting Fixtures unveils LED-based recessed downlight

Feb. 9, 2007
The first product from LLF will be a warm-white downlight with an efficacy of approximately 60 lm/W, and will directly rival 65-watt incandescent alternatives.
LED Lighting Fixtures Inc. (LLF) has unveiled its first product, a six-inch downlight for residential and commercial markets that delivers approximately 650 lumens from a fixture at 10-12 watts, equating to approximately 60 lumens per watt.

The downlight will be available in two color temperatures, 2700K and 3500K. The product is dimmable, features excellent color rendering with a CRI of 92, and has a unique installation mechanism that allows it to be used in a standard six-inch recessed housing.

LLF will begin shipping its products in the second quarter of 2007. At the recent NAHB 2007 International Builders' Show in Orlando, Florida, the company demonstrated a full-scale comparison of LLF downlights with incandescent and compact fluorescent products.

Neal Hunter, LLF's CEO, claims that this is the first lighting fixture to rival the output, appearance and lighting quality of a 65-watt incandescent product while offering a justifiable cost of ownership. "We believe LED lighting for the mainstream has finally been enabled and LLF has invented a way. This unprecedented technology will not only change the industry, but also reshape the way the average consumer views lighting."

Although the LLF fixture platform can accommodate any competitive product, the company chose the new XLamp XR-E power LEDs from Cree, Inc. for its initial product release. "Cree's performance is unmatched with the new XR-E design and recent advances in its power package technology," stated Gerry Negley, LLF's Chief Technology Officer.

At higher color temperatures, the XR-E LED produces typical luminous flux of approximately 80 lumens (70 lm/W efficacy) at 350 mA, and up to 210 lumens at 1 A. However, Cree has not yet launched warm-white versions of its XR-E device (see Warm white LEDs ready for a leap forward in 2007).

"The new LLF fixtures can change the way the lighting industry thinks about LEDs," said Chuck Swoboda, Cree chairman and CEO. "This product takes maximum advantage of our new lighting-class LEDs. This is the first LED down light to deliver on the promise and capability of LEDs with better efficiency and lifetimes than the typical incandescent or compact fluorescent products being used today."