Gallium Lighting introduces high output white LED downlight

Jan. 1, 2007
A new 16-LED downlight offers performance comparable to 18-26 watt compact fluorescent luminaries.
Gallium Lighting, based in Yucaipa, California, has unveiled an architectural downlight featuring 16 Nichia white LEDs that deliver very long life, high energy efficiency, and have a lumen output comparable to 18-26 watt compact fluorescent luminaires.
Gallium's GS6 luminaire is a 6-inch square, 16-cell louvered reflector, designed to provide a full 45-degree shielding to eliminate distracting glare. The color temperature of 3500, 4200 or 5100 K. The lumen output is as high as 1420 lm at 5100K, with an input power of 25.5 W, equating to an efficacy of 56 lm/W. However, these figures are based on LED data measured at a junction temperature of 25 deg.C, so the actual operating performance will be lower. The color rendering index at 5100 K is 69, and 76-79 at 4200 K.

Gallium says that the LEDs in its GS6 luminaire have a rated life of 40,000 to 50,000 hours, which corresponds to 20-25 years when operated 8 hours per day in a standard business environment operating 250 days per year. This is 20 to 25 times the life of standard incandescent bulbs, and 4 to 5 times the life of compact fluorescent lamps.

In addition, Gallium says that the luminaire provides up to 40% more light than a standard 65W incandescent downlight, while consuming 60% less energy.

"The white LED is the most exciting new lighting technology since the introduction of fluorescent lamps almost 60 years ago," said Keith Bahde, President of Gallium Lighting. "In addition to the obvious benefit of ultra-low maintenance, LED lighting combines the aesthetic appeal of quartz-halogen lighting with the energy savings of fluorescent lighting.

LED lighting is also good news for the environment. It has the potential to dramatically reduce fossil fuel depletion and carbon dioxide emissions, and there are no disposal concerns because our products contain no mercury or other hazardous substances."

The GS6 is UL rated for damp locations and direct burial in insulation, and is ideal for executive offices, corridors, lobbies, conference rooms, retail spaces, medical facilities and media centers.

Gallium Lighting describes itself as a pioneer in the development of state-of-the-art white LED lighting systems for commercial and upscale residential architectural spaces.