Langenegg municipality goes green with help of Ledon Lighting

June 8, 2010
Ledon supplies Langenegg with retrofit LED lamps at cost to help the municipality provide its citizens with the e5 Energy Box

The municipality of Langenegg won an EUR 8,000 prize in an Austria-wide competition called "Austria's Climate Protection Municipality 2009." The city will use the funds to provide its citizens with an e5 Energy Box that includes a CFL energy-saving lamp, a switchable plug, an ammeter, and a LEDON led retrofit lamp that Ledon supplied at cost to show support for the energy saving initiative.

“We are at the same time very happy and proud to provide our residents with this e5 Energy Box put together with the help of the prize money. Due to the innovative technology of Ledon LED lamps, it is particularly easy for everyone to contribute one’s share in reducing energy costs and increasing energy efficiency,“ says Georg Moosbrugger, mayor of Langenegg.

Langenegg e5 Energy Box

The Ledon LED lamp is a 6W replacement for a 40W incandescent lamp. It is 30% more efficient than a CFL and runs 85% more efficient than an incandescent light bulb. Moreover, the LED lamp has no warm up time, is dimmable, and contains no mercury allowing for easy recycling.

The e5 program is dedicated to sustainable energy across the state of Voralberg in Austria. There are 30 different municipalities that participate including Langenegg. Each municipality has its own e5 energy team, and the Langenegg team put together the e5 Energy Box that citizens can pick up for free at the town hall. The team also supplies citizens with information on minimizing energy usage.

The Climate Protection Municipality program is an annual competition sponsored jointly by the Verbund electrical utility, the Austrian Association of Municipalities, and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. The 2010 program is now underway.