Foshan selects Bridgelux as LED supplier for SSL

Aug. 5, 2010
Leading Chinese lighting manufacturer Foshan will partner with Bridgelux on new LED-based SSL products.

Foshan Electrical and Lighting Company has entered a partnership with Bridgelux targeted at producing new LED-based SSL products with lower overall system costs. Bridgelux will serve as the LED supplier for Foshan, providing access to LEDs, LED arrays, and modular LED products for use in luminaires and lamps designed for the general illumination market.

"We are pleased to collaborate with Foshan," said Bill Watkins, Bridgelux CEO. "As one of China’s leading manufacturers of lighting products, Foshan’s knowledge of the general lighting markets will help to accelerate the delivery and widespread adoption of a new generation of high-performance, energy-efficient solid-state lighting products."

Foshan's current portfolio of LED-based products includes both retrofit lamps and luminaires. The company offers LED-based A lamps and linear-fluorescent lamps. The company also offers LED-based diffused panel fixtures and downlight luminaires.

Bridgelux is an LED chip manufacturer that also has developed arrays and partnered with Molex on the development of the Helieon modular product for LED-based luminaires. Watkins said, "As a lighting innovator, we focus on rapidly designing and delivering leading-edge products that can accelerate the global adoption of high quality LED lighting solutions for the commercial and residential markets."