NTL Electronics announces one-year sales of 3 million LED retrofit lamps in India

Aug. 1, 2012
NTL Electronics India Ltd has partnered with Lemnis Lighting to create the NTL Lemnis joint venture and push SSL deployment in India.

Typically replacing incandescent and compact-fluorescent lamps (CFLs), NTL Electronics India Ltd has revealed that it sold 3 million LED retrofit lamps between the beginning of July 2011 and the end of June 2012. NTL Electronics is a major Indian lighting vendor with the equivalent of more than $110 million in sales and that is pushing to expand its presence in the solid-state lighting (SSL) market.

NTL Electronics put its recent performance in perspective by noting that Strategies Unlimited (a sister business within PennWell Corp. to LEDs Magazine) estimated the global sales of retrofit lamps in 2011 to be just under 40 million. Clearly the time frames of the SU reported number and NTL's sales aren't identical, but the fact that NTL's results are close to 10% of the projection is impressive.

Back in April, NTL Electronics also formed a joint venture with Lemnis Lighting (The Netherlands) called NTL Lemnis. Lemnis has expertise in LED lamp design having sold LED retrofit lamps under its own name and through other partnerships. NTL Lemnis will seek to take advantage of what the partners see as growing demand in India.

"In our new company, NTL Lemnis, we have a renewed focus on LED lighting," said Arun Gupta, managing director of NTL Electronics India global CEO of NTL Lemnis. "Globally, LEDs are fast replacing any other form of lighting and we are convinced that it will be the same for India shortly.”

According to NTL Electronics, "The joint venture will look at producing the complete range of energy-efficient LED lighting products under the umbrella of the acclaimed Lemnis brand Pharox." The new feature will have a target focus on applications in retail, IT, hospitality, and healthcare.