Hella research says LED lighting can improve driving experience

June 27, 2012
Research conducted by Hella and Hamburg University has indicated that LED lighting designs can significantly affect the comfort level of driver and passengers.
Hella, a global supplier of automotive lighting and electronic systems based in Lippstadt, Germany, has announced that LED lighting will become a significant factor in the design of automobile interiors. Research conducted by Hella in conjunction with Hamburg University in Germany determined that different colors had a significant impact on both driver and passenger emotions and comfort levels.
"Ambient LED lighting will open an entirely new chapter in automotive interior design," said Herbert Wambsganss, director of engineering, Hella Interior Lighting Systems. "Drivers will see significant changes in automotive interior lighting within the next five years - changes that will improve comfort levels and enhance brand awareness."

Drivers spend an average of up to four hours a day in their cars or light trucks, while commercial-vehicle owners spend even more time on the road.

Today, lighting is not a significant factor in the design of most passenger-car and commercial-vehicle interiors, but Hella executives have predicted that the use of ambient LED lighting in North America will more than quadruple over the next five years. "LED lighting technology provides designers with another important way to add value and improve the overall driving experience," said Wambsganss.

Automakers are using single-color lighting to reinforce brand identity and multiple colors to customize and create mood lighting. Different colors have been found to provide a range of emotional responses from excitement to feelings of calm. RGB technology, which allows controlled blending to achieve a wide color spectrum, should prove to be popular in automotive interiors.

Hella's RGB/LIN technology achieves precise color and intensity control using proprietary LED module calibration. In addition to these products, the company offers fabric backlighting, LED overhead consoles and slim-line LED interior lighting (shown).