Dialight LED technology included in Juno fixtures

July 4, 2008
An ultra-slim series of LED light fixtures will be introduced to Juno Lighting Group customers across the US.
Juno Lighting Group has partnered with Dialight, an LED lighting specialist, to develop and launch a series of low-profile linear LED lighting systems for Juno's DanaLite brand.

DanaLite focuses on lighting solutions for architectural linear lighting applications and undercabinet lighting.

Roy Burton, CEO of Dialight, commented: “This is a very significant partnership for us. Juno Light Group is recognized as a leader in high quality and innovative lighting solutions for commercial and residential use.

"For us to work with them on one of the first LED products in their portfolio is an endorsement of Dialight’s product quality and a sign that important new markets are ready for our LED lighting solutions.”

In our April issue, we reported that Juno Lighting Group is using AC LEDs (not supplied by Dialight) in its Trac 12 LED linear lighting modules – see An alternate way of driving LEDs.

DanaLite’s DL100 linear lighting system, designed around Dialight’s LED technology, is suitable for a wide range of lighting applications where its ultra slim 0.5-inch profile is a key advantage.

Specific applications include cove and cornice lighting, shelf lighting, display cases, task lighting and handrails. The fixtures also solve aesthetic problems for architectural linear lighting challenges and can even be integrated into furniture for non-intrusive low level lighting.

The new DanaLite LED product also brings many additional advantages over traditional lamping solutions. With a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, these systems can last up to 10 years operating 12 hours a day, so there is no maintenance burden and lamp replacement becomes a thing of the past.

At only 5.3W per module it is low on energy use and uses 24 VDC input voltage, so it is cool to the touch and can be direct mounted on flammable surfaces. Further to this, it is designed for even LED spacing over linear runs, avoiding hotspots or dark spots between fixtures. As an eco-friendly bonus it contains no mercury, unlike its fluorescent counterparts, and produces no IR or UV emissions.

“We are very pleased to use the Dialight LED solutions to expand our DanaLite product offering,” said Jeff Spencer, Director of Product Management for Commercial Products. “We are certain these innovative products will be of great interest and appeal for many of our customers.”