PhotonStar LED unveils high-efficiency CeilingStar5 downlight

Aug. 8, 2008
PhotonStar LED has increased the efficiency of its next-generation CeilingStar5 downlighter to 70 luminaire lumens per circuit watt.
PhotonStar LED Ltd, a UK-based designer and manufacturer of solid state lighting (SSL) luminaires, has set new standards in the efficiency of commercial downlighters by achieving more than 56 lumens per circuit watt for the next generation of its CeilingStar5 SuperBright when driven at 700mA.

The next generation CeilingStar5 produces more than 455 lumens (equivalent illumination to a 35 W halogen-based MR16 or GU10 fitting) with a circuit power consumption of 7.9 W (driven off 240V AC). The CeilingStar5 SuperBright unit itself consumes just 6.7W.

The company, based in Southampton, UK, says that the CeilingStar5 achieves 56 luminaire lumens per circuit watt at temperature, in situ. The CeilingStar5 is available as standard in warm white (3000K) and neutral white (4000K).

When this 7-LED module based CeilingStar5 is driven at 350mA the unit has a total wall plug of efficiency of over 70 luminaire lumens per circuit watt, producing 260 lm at a total power consumption of just 3.7W.

All of the performance data is collected for steady-state operation under real operating conditions. James Mckenzie, CEO of PhotonStar LED, says the test rig simulates a ceiling environment, and is referenced back to the UK's National Physical Laboratory (NPL). In addition, the product is backed by the PhotonStar 5 year guarantee.

An "entry level" CeilingStar5 Bright luminaire with 4 LEDs provides 280 lm performance at 53 luminaire lumens per circuit watt.

This new CeilingStar5 SuperBright is available from the 8/8/08 and exceeds the proposed UK government Enhanced Capital Allowance criteria for LED luminaires by 20%.

It also exceeds the UK building Regulations Energy Efficiency Regulations (Part L1 and Part L2) and counts as a dedicated fitting under these regulations. As a result it also exceeds the criteria set in the code for sustainable homes for dedicated low energy fittings.

Mckenzie says that installing a CeilingStar5 SuperBright instead of a 35 W MR16 or GU10 fitting will save over GBP135 in energy costs alone. In a new build with the fitting in constant use, the payback period is less than 1 year.

As a result of the lower energy consumption of the new version of the CeilingStar5 SuperBright, up to 4 units can be driven off a single 36W LED driver. The unit is available with a ‘plug and play’ 4 way wiring loom, enabling greater cost savings on installation and also on energy.

The CeilingStar5 range is IP65-rated and can also be used in zones 1, 2 and 3 in bathrooms or similar. Also the CeilingStar5 maintains its characteristic quality glass diffuse look with a new super-efficient pressed aluminium reflector cup and a cast heatsink to improve thermal performance.